Doctors and Moles

My kids are totally different from me as a child (so I’ve been told).  In looks they do somewhat resemble my childlike self but in personality and temperament they couldn’t be more different....more

Staying Healthy For The Doctor

I took all three kids to the doctor a few weeks back.  It was our first visit since moving and a rather overdue 1 year checkup for Abigail (at 14 months - oops).  In my defense we did move the week before she turned 1 and it took me quite a while to find a doctor who was accepting new patients....more

Tomato Sauce, Mud and Garden Hoses

Have you ever sat in front of a baby who has a mouth full of pasta and tomato sauce?  One who has a wicked grin on her face, a twinkle in her eye, whose every fiber is aching to spray you down?  I have just survived this ordeal.  Fortunately this time she took heed of the fierce look in my eye and swallowed the mouthful before disaster struck.  Some days I'm not so lucky.  Most days she will nochalantly drop half chewed morsels from the highchair which is a sure sign that meal time is over.  You would think she'd have learned by now that the food goes away when...more