When Bloggers Stop Blogging: Break or Break Up?

Have you noticed the disappearing bloggers phenomenon? They start off all eager, posting and commenting and following. Then (the writers especially) start complaining about how much time blogging takes. There’s often a post to strategize how to best utilize their time. For some, school gets in the way. Then there are those who take off for a couple of months or the summer or to work on a WIP. And never come back. ...more
I'm coming up on my 5-yr anniversary with my blog, and I would say that the thing that keeps me ...more

I Can't Dance, No I Can't

“I’m just a horrible dancer. Terrible. In fact, I’m so gad I even have a rule against it. No dancing unless I’m alone in my room or it’s pitch-black dark.” - Catherine in Rules by Cynthia Lord. ...more

Now that I've written this post and received positive feedback, I'l listen to my own quote and ...more

How to Get Published: Take the Leap of Faith

I want to be published. I love writing for the sake of writing, but I also want other people to read my writing. It’s my goal to be a good writer at worst, a great writer at best. Responses from my query seem like the ultimate assessment as to my writing savvy. Just because I’ve received rejections before, doesn’t mean it will be the same this time. Sending query submissions is like blowing on a dandelion and making a wish. ...more
I'm one of those who has queried a couple times, been contacted for a guest piece in a ...more