The Care & Feeding of a Half Century Old Cowboy

Cowboys can take a beating, it's true. And while you won't hear them complain very often, sometimes it's all too evident that things are out of whack. After all, hitting the ground shoulder first at what is almost assuredly mach 10, after flying off a horse on the side of a hill will leave a bruise here and there, at the very least....more

Facebook Landing Page Design Give-away!

I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial post on how to create a nice Facebook landing tab page, complete with HTML links, email sign-up forms, and graphic elements which are consistent with a business’ website….however, I have one problem! I don’t have anyone to create a landing page for!...more

Yes, It’s Even Christmas in Afghanistan

Well, it is at least for the roughly 100,000 men and women serving in Afghanistan, one who happens to be my 20 year old nephew, Nick. It’s really hard to imagine that the same little boy who squirted carpet cleaner into the control panel of my television set one Christmas when he was a toddler, is now a full grown man and serving in the armed forces. The same little man who did his best superman pose, hands on hips, in his birthday suit no less, on the shores of Donner Lake in northern California, is now willingly jumping out of airplanes. Who’d have thought?Where have the years gone?...more

Aww, well I hope he comes home soon. I too didnt understand until my BFF's husband was over ...more

Equines to Entrepreneurship - What I've Learned From Horses That Has Helped Me in Life and Business

I’ve always loved horses. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with them. They’re big and powerful (I’m not) and at the same time elegant and graceful (yeah, not me either). They speak a language all their own, and if you want to hang around with them, you will learn their language, too....more

I'm the New "Tween"

Yes, it's true. Now, you probably thought a tween was a teenage girl who is old enough to not be considered a little girl any longer, but not quite old enough yet to be described as a full-fledged teenager. You'd be right, but there is a new tween emerging, and it's me, and all of the women like me....more