Who defines your life?

"My baby is not a diagnosis, not a list of her potential woes." Nancy Iannone in Gifts p.134 ...more

Walnut-orange cake

Delicious!  Commentary included within this recipe for walnut-orange cake at:  http://www.therextras.com/therextras/holiday-recipe-2008.html Enjoy! ...more

Behavioral Research

After learning experimental design, and statistical analysis, oh, and actually doing ‘research’ and publishing, I can pick apart many a journal article, good as any other with my credentials and as well as many with less credential. These days experimental design is taught to school children. Ever judge a science fair? ...more

Universal Healthcare for Children in the US! Oh, no! It's over!

The state of Hawaii has discontinued a universal healthcare insurance program for children after only 7 months as reported here. From the AP report:  'Kenny Fink, administrator for Med-QUEST at the Hawaii Department of Human Services, said, "People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for free." He added, "I don't believe that was the intent of the program" ' ...more


Costs of healthcare

Come over to TherExtras to 'get' money-flow in the healthcare industry using the example of occupational therapy for a child with sensory integration dysfunction.   www.therextras.com ...more

Healing Blog Carnival

To read a group of excellent parent bloggers on the topic of healing, the blog carnival on Healing at TherExtras.  http://www.therextras.com/therextras/2008/10/healing-blog-carnival.html  ...more