Wedding Hair from The Bridal Runway

Wedding Hair ideas, trends and tips provided by WeddingHair.comBridal Hairstyles for Fall 2010: The hottest hairstyles for brides straight from the New York Runway ...more

Wedding Hair - Should You Do Your Own?

Wedding Hair Tips

Wedding Hair tips for your salon trial run Here are six tips to keep in mind when going for your wedding hair trial run. ...more

Cheat, Break-up, Stay Stong.

Cheating, so many different meanings to so many different people. Why do I think that a flirty text is cheating, yet my girlfriends see no problem with it? These blurry lines can cause a lot of heart-ache especially when it comes to the ONE you are going to marry.    ...more

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Wedding Gowns

Wedding Dresses - Where to Start? Style, price, cut, white, ivory, lace, beaded, empire ... and the list goes on! It’s the decision I’m always seeing brides struggle with, and the question I always try to answer – how do you know it’s the dress? My answer, you feel the same way you did when he proposed. ...more