To The Lady Who Made A Point To Stop And Say Something

You have no idea what you did. How you made us feel. Me feel.My son feel. People just don't stop anymore. They don't have the time. Life is too busy. We are generally too busy.Or if we aren't too busy, we are reluctant to say something because we fear the response. Isn't that sad? We fear what could possibly happen. It's clear the news media has fostered that fear. We can't even talk to a stranger without thinking the worst....more

The Power Of Saying "Hi"

My son is 5 going on 6. It's a slightly awkward and complex age paradigm.  His personality is still developing. His pants fit him fine one day and are too short the next. Life is awesome one second, totally awful the next. He is a boy. He is still learning about himself and the world around him. The world around him is a constant classroom....more

I Don't Want To Be Icarus, I Just Want To Touch People

Blogging can be exciting. Especially if you create a huge following and make a living doing it. A lot of bloggers do not, however, have a ton of readers (including me) but that doesn't keep me from writing, connecting and submitting posts as often as I can....more

What If...

What went to a friend's house for lunch. They told you that they were serving sandwiches. You sat down and in front of you were the fixins for peanut butter sandwiches. You get so excited because you LOVE peanut butter and banana sandwiches! As you look around for a banana, you see that there are two bananas sitting on the countertop.. May I have a banana for my sandwich? What do you mean....a banana? ...more

Yes, We're a Gaming Family, but No, I'm Not a Lazy Parent

One thing that I'm not. A banner of games. I'll do as I see fit for my child. My son can play the games I allow. He must earn his play time. He only gets an hour at a time AND video game time does not supersede more important things like playing with his toys, outside time and/or playing with his sister. As soon as it does, it goes away. For him....more
@ahlmt Congratulations to your son!! Gamers do get a terrible rep that they are antisocial, have ...more

Cut Out Hate: Why Do We Throw Hate Around So Much?

My son says he hates something and I cringe. Granted, he is five and is still learning how to express his feelings. "I hate my food. I hate this day. Mom, I hate you." All these things hurt to hear but I know that it's his frustration speaking and his development of language will change how he speaks out about what's in his heart and his head. Or will it?...more
Yes, hate indeed is such a powerful word and even more powerful emotion, isn’t it? And so easily ...more

If You Put A Label On A Child...

Within my social media and writing circles, I've met amazing people . Some of which are parents. Some of which are parents of children who might be working through some challenges.I like to say "challenge" because it doesn't sound disrespectful and, as I write this, I really hope it isn't. I myself, work through challenges daily as do my kids and husband but I'm referring to children who have been diagnosed as special needs.What isn't a challenge is understanding how amazing they are their parents....more

Talking with Kids About Boston: The Story Of &%^* and The "Thing"

Once upon a time there was a &%^* who lived in a town called Town that was not too far but not too near from us. He was angry and grumpy and stayed far away from everyone and everything most of his days. Nobody knew him. He stayed hidden away in a place that nobody saw. He kept away from other people on purpose. He had only one plan. He wanted everyone to be mad and grumpy just like him....more
When it comes to preschoolers and toddlers I can't think of a better way to discuss such things. ...more