Kung Pao Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)

Chris and I have a diet that is packed with protein, and that's usually in the form of some sort of meat or fish. Even though most nights these two usually find their way onto our plates, I think it's healthy to cut back on the meats and have some vegetarian meals once in a while. Pasta is a front-runner on those nights, but it's also very starchy so I try not to go that route too often ....more

Gluten-Free Dream Bars

I used to find it extremely difficult to find a good gluten-free dessert that didn't taste like cardboard. Now there are so many mixes and pre-packaged goodies that are actually edible, so it's impossible not to find a few sweet things to snack on while on a gluten-free diet. My mom recently went gluten-free and it has been helping her out a lot, but I'm my mother's daughter and we both suffer from the same problem...an enormous sweet tooth ....more

Chicken Fajita Burgers

When my entire family went to the beach a few weeks ago, we decided that each individual family would pick a night to cook dinner so we didn't have to try to find reservations to accommodate all 13 of us every night. On my little family's night, I chose to make beef and chicken fajitas, guacamole and Mexican rice. The perfect set-up for a crowd ....more

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends Review & Giveaway!!

Healthy Solutions Spice Blends is a maker of 16 distinct spice blends that are recipe ready and made to cook with fish, beef, pork and poultry. They offer flavorful meals that can be prepared in minutes! I recently made the Shrimp Scampi using the spice blend packet and the dish was on the table in under 20 minutes! ...more

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies

Think chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate and with lots more brown sugar. That's basically what these cookies are in a nutshell. And the thing that gives chocolate chip cookies that amazing flavor is the brown sugar, so...you already know what these cookies are going to be ....more

Frozen Banana Hot Chocolate

What do you do when you're craving hot chocolate, but it's 80-something degrees in the middle of August? Well, you make a frozen version! Obviously ....more

Avocado Chicken Enchiladas

I knew I was taking a huge gamble by making enchiladas with a white sauce since my husband is a lover of all things tomato-based. It was a gamble I was willing to take, even if it meant eating the whole tray myself. Chicken...and salsa...and sour cream...and cheese...and avocados...all for me? ...more

Pimento Cheese Chicken Rollatini (Gluten-Free)

Bradley has been eating more and more table food recently and it's every mother's dream. He's not picky at all and will eat almost everything that crosses his path. I went to dinner with my family the other night and the whole two hours we were there, Bradley ate ....more

{Tiny Tot Tuesdays} Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower for Babies and Toddlers

I think anything with cheese in it will be a win for Bradley. He loved cheesy potatoes that I made for him recently (recipe coming soon) and grilled cheese is his new favorite lunchtime meal. I recently decided to add some cheese into mashed cauliflower I made him, and it definitely made the taste more desirable to him ....more

Avocado and Black Bean Salsa (Gluten-Free)

Summer, to me, means bathing suits, the pool, cocktails and chips with dip. One of my favorite activities is to go to local restaurants, sit outside on the patio and indulge in some tasty beverages and salsa (yes, that is an activity). Some of my favorite salsa recipes include the standard ingredients: tomatoes, limes and onions ....more