What Emily Dickinson Ate: Coconut Cake

A while back, I blogged about poet Emily Dickinson’s lesser-known passion—cooking and baking. I was able to track down one of her actual recipes, a Coconut Cake—or, as Emily spelled it, Cocoanut Cake. December 10 is Emily’s birthday. What better way to celebrate this brilliant American poet than by baking her Coconut Cake recipe?...more
I think I'll bake up a batch for breakfast bread this week. Sounds wonderful!more

Potato Bhajee

Blog readers Barry and Sallyanne Scott scanned and sent me a vintage Jewish cookbook from Calcutta, India. The book, entitled The Jewish Cookery Book, was published by Mrs. H. Brooke and printed by East Bengal Press in Calcutta. It had been handed down to Sallyanne and Barry by Sallyanne’s father, Ezra Gubbay, a Jew from Calcutta, India. Here is an excerpt from Barry’s first email:...more
So much work went into this post! I love digging into history- especially through food.  Tori- ...more

A Thanksgiving Potluck to Remember

Earlier this week, I had the honor of taking part in a pre-Thanksgiving potluck with some of the finest food bloggers in Southern California. In lieu of the Shiksa Picks this week, I thought I’d share some pictures and recipes from the potluck....more
We did with friends it was perfectmore

My Family's Holiday Heritage: Christmas Past and New Traditions

I was not born Jewish. I wasn’t raised in any particular religion, but my mom’s side of the family has been Christian for as long as we can remember. My great aunt Pauline has hosted our family’s Christmas Eve celebration for as long as anyone can remember. I'd like to tell you about her....more

My mom, who was the Matriarch in our family, died 11 years ago just months after my last ...more

The Power of Latkes: A Shiksa's First Hanukkah

I celebrated my first Hanukkah eight years ago, back before I converted to Judaism when I was really and truly a shiksa (aka a non-Jewish woman). I had studied Judaism a bit in college, but I didn’t have any practical experience when it came to Jewish food or holiday traditions. Meanwhile, my fiancé is as Jewish as they come. Needless to say, I was slightly out of my element. ...more

I really liked reading this post. Although I didn't marry into a Jewish family and am not ...more