Peanut Butter Ban-apple Bars

 Try these delicious homemade granola bars inspired by Raffi's "Apples & Bananas" and my favorite sandwich: Peanut Butter & Banana (with honey!)  Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

The Smart Kitchen's Stroganoff

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Crab-acado Salad: So Fresh & So Clean

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Spinachoke Quesapitas!

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Millet: It's Not Just For The Birds

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The (Impromptu) Smart Kitchen: Austin Edition

While in Austin, I definitely followed my four Smart Kitchen Rules of Travel: preparation, moderation, investigation, and celebration (!)...more

Please don't make the "Healthy Choice"...

Please don't make the "Healthy Choice"... Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that, right? (except for when discussing dessert choices and food made with really, really good bacon...)But this time, it's true....more

I'm not a big fan of chicken (I know, it's weird but chicken keeps trying to kill me) but ...more

Sticky Fingers

Yesterday I was out to lunch with a friend, and, as I sat there, cutting up my turkey sandwich into little pieces, and eating bits at a time, I found myself saying (as I often do), "I'm sorry, sometimes I just like to play with my food."...more

Cook Healthfully, Economically, and Creatively in The Smart Kitchen

Currently lacking full-time employment (is anyone looking to hire an excellent elementary school teacher?), I have been spending even MORE time in the kitchen lately, creatively using fun new ingredients and finally getting around to trying the numerous recipes I have clipped or bookmarked over the years....more