A Photoshoot With A MUA

Sometimes the stars align just perfectly and the result is something more beautiful than you’d ever imagine it would be....more

Time Magazine Top 50

A few weeks ago I was notified via a comment on one of my Instagram photos that Time had chosen me as one of the most interesting Instagram Users in the country. They asked for permission to republish my photograph. ...more

From the Rodear

We have two brandings on our place, as a general rule. Our big Father’s Day party, and another, smaller branding around the Fourth of July. ...more

A Girl, Her Horse and A Guitar

A couple weeks ago I had the privelege of photographing a young woman who is embarking upon her last year of high school. She’s gorgeous, a handy, handy rodeo competitor and a beautiful spirit all around. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them! ...more

life in photos…

I can barely keep up with going through my Mail, let alone my blog… But I’m still taking lots of photos! I photographed a senior last week. She’s gorgeous and I’ll share those soon ....more

Genie In a Bottle

If you know me, you know it’s no secret I’m a fan of Red Dirt or Texas Country Music. And while it may be that as a former Texan I feel the need to support those artists, I think it’s more that the current state of what’s played on the radio is simply trashy pop music where women are denegrated and there’s a lot of drinking and lounging around. The art of story-telling is all but gone in the ridiculous world of brah-country ....more

The Wreck

I’ve been getting to run barrels a little bit this summer, and Avie and I are really clicking! Thursday before our Father’s Day Branding, I took him to the local Jackpot, where Gump and I have won a couple buckles in the summer series. I love running on a standard pattern so this arena is perfect ....more

Foals on Film

I thought, since I’m behind, I’d take a moment to share the cuteness that has been Tony and Issimo growing up this summer. Here’s Issimo getting scratched, and feeling the need to scratch back… Issimo loves his scratches! #foals #thedxranch #horses #ig_equine #lovehim #love #ranchlife A video posted by Jenn Z (@thesdcowgirl) on Jun 24, 2015 at 7:48pm PDT Tony had trouble with his legs when he was a newborn – he was windswept behind, and over at the knees (contracted tendons) in the front ....more


Some of you who follow me on Facebook and actually get notifications from my South Dakota Cowgirl Page, or who follow me on Instagram, have seen that my second (and last) colt for the year was born on June 13. This his how behind I am in in sharing my life. You have my apologies....more

Photos from the Branding Pen

I’ve been uber busy this summer, as evidenced by the lack of posts here (but you can still what I’m writing about horsemanship over at Cavvy Savvy). ...more