3 Ingredient Korean Melon Bars {Melona Ice Cream Bar}

As with most of my childhood memories the fondest ones I have revolve around food. ...more

Korean LA Rice Cakes 찹쌀떡

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Bacon Jerky

J is the biggest bacon lover I’ve ever met. ...more

Chocolate Easter Eggs

These cute edible chocolate eggs are the perfect vessel to hide your Easter treats in plus, they only require balloons and candy. ...more

Homemade Soda From Scratch

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Dark Chocolate Almond Lacey Cookies

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Homemade Soap From Scratch

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Healthy Breakfast Cookies

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Easy Microwave Mac and Cheese

The fact that I don’t have a walk-in closet is the norm for me-that, and the fact that even if I did, I wouldn’t care to fill it. ...more

Homemade Pizza From Scratch

I feel like pizza can save most problems. ...more