The elephant in the room...

I am a woman. I am a Black-American. I am a minority.Having these things in common does not equal a vote for president in my house.Before you pass judgement on whether or not I am an Obama supporter or a "sell-out", just consider the points below.1. I am not a business owner. My husband and I are upper middle class. We don't struggle to make ends meet and both of us are from what would be considered impoverished backgrounds. I don't believe in paying other peoples bills as no one is going to pay mine....more

Happily Ever After?

I have never been one of those women who believed in "happily ever after". Even as a kid I thought it always seem sad that the heroines never really got what they had hoped for, but it was assumed that it all resulted happily. The stories always tied up with a nice neat bow and I just never knew life to be that way. I didn't know too many people with happy, stable relationships, much less marriages growing up. I took that to mean that they were in general, few and far between. Personally, I haven't had too many healthy relationships....more

Was my compliance bought?

Last weekend, my husband and I were attending a wedding. During dinner, a mutual friend (absolutely awesome guy, that I would sooo lose in the divorce...but I digress) asked me what was I drinking, I turned to my husband who had brought the drink and said, "What am I drinking?" This baffled our friend. "Why can't I find a woman like that? I can just say here's your drink and she just says ok?" My answer (after already having had a couple of drinks) was that, "my compliance was bought with our six bedroom house."...more

Love you like...

I almost wish I would have known you in the before, but my mind knows how different this would be.Before I was able to just have friendsBefore my world had clear boundaries.I almost wish the me that I am could have met the you who you are with the same lines drawn in the sand, but before all the crap could landOn us, and bury us and trap us into the anger we hold.The mirror of me and yet so much moreI see the value in you, the sweetness I wish to see restoredI wish I could know what you know...more