Decadent Chocolate Mousse Pudding Recipe - Vegan/Almost Raw/Gluten Free - Dessert A Day Project #3

Chocolate Mousse for all the die hard chocolate lovers in the vegan world. But don't you worry you precious healthy heart, this recipe contains a secret ingredient. My healthy fat lover Avocados....more

Blissful Coconut Macaroons Recipe - Vegan - Dessert A Day Project #2

Macaroons are becoming the new cupcake. People like them because they are light, colorful, and most of all, French. I have yet to gain one of these French wonders, but I have seen a lot of healthy Macaroons made of coconut floating about the Internet. So until I can figure out how to make a French Macaroon that is vegan, I will try out the coconut macaroons, because they look amazing.My result: Though not crunchy as I suspected, they are amazing. They are like soft, white, yummy, vacation pillows for the mouth....more

Guilt-free Fudge Brownies Recipe

Brownies have always been on of my favorite sweet treats. Not to get all nostalgic, I remember making them with my Mom as a little girl. We would always use the box mixes though, but they were sugary sweet and delicious. I would eat brownie a la mode (with ice cream), con leche (different language, with milk), or just plain. Chocolate is not my favorite sweet and neither is cake, but brownies, made right, are just something I could not and can not resist....more