It matters not...

This week, we have certainly had our share of drama.  It started over the weekend when the Maiden, age 3, spiked a high, high fever-- and landed in the ER, where she was diagnosed with type A flu.  A couple days later, I got a call from the Man, who had been in a car crash.  Everyone is okay now: the Maiden's crankily recovering and the Man is safe, other than being a bit shaken and a little sore from the airbag.Everyone is okay.  But not me. ...more

It's broke, but don't fix it! Reflections on the Season 6 premiere of House, M.D.

**Spoiler Alert: may contain spoilers for Episode 6.1 of House. ** The 6th season of House kicked off Monday night with a 2-hour premiere that seemed to turn the show's direction on end.  Titled "Broken", it focused on broken hearts and minds rather than the broken body mysteries that have been central to most past seasons of the show.  It was a beautifully written episode, and it should have left me with the tears and warm fuzzies that come with tug-your-heartstrings television.  Yet oddly, I felt empty.  ...more

I agree with you about the "flat" moments.  They should have been more powerful and as I ...more