Balloon Treats

I knew there was a reason to keep this blog up! It was so I would have a place to put pictures that I needed to pin on Pinterest. Clearly. ...more

I Love You. Goodbye.

Do you remember my brilliant cousin, K.C.? She's the singer/songwriter. (I mentioned "brilliant," right?) Today's her birthday. And, it made me realize I never told you about her new album: The Tag Hollow Sessions. It's awesome. Duh. But, guess what? One of the songs on the album... IS MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE. MINE ....more


We picked Spence up from camp this evening. To quote one of my friends, "He was third-world dirty." And, tired ....more

And Then? My Foot Got Barfed On.

My 20th high school reunion just happend. It was... meh. No. I take that back. It was AWESOME to see some AWESOME friends that I hadn't seen in far too long. AWESOME to promise each other that we wouldn't wait another ten years before we got together again. But, the try-to-hide-in-a-corner-because-I-hate-chit-chat-and-worry-that-people-will-think-I'm-a-bitch-because-of-it sucked. As usual. ...more

May Wrap-up... The June Version

There was a point around the second week of May when I thought, "May doesn't seem to be as crazy this year as it has been in years past." Then May bitch-slapped me for being cocky. She bitch-slapped me so hard that I haven't been able to finish a post about May until the third week of June. So, here you go. May. ...more

Status Update

My Cars 2 bandaid got wet, so I replaced it with an Angry Birds one. That one fell off and my friend gave me one - it's Dora. Do you remember before we had kids and bandaids were just peach-colored? ...more

Coconut Mocha Coffee Completes Me

Remember how I love my Keurig? I do. My sister introduced me to something that made it even better. Possible, you ask? Indeed, it turns out, it was. ...more

My Sister Got Married this Weekend

She is adored. And, so is he. ...more

Status Update

I have to admit, when there's gross stuff in my pantry (like rice cakes), I'm so relieved when the expiration date has passed so I can throw it away and not feel guilty about not eating it anymore... ...more

True Confession

When I saw this in the shoe department: I wanted to yell, "They've been HEALED!" ...more