Day Trips: An Ode To Autumn

From Travelocity's The Window Seat ...more

Best Places To Roast By The Fire

From Travelocity's Window Seat Blog This time of year I’ve got the white stuff on the brain. No, no. Not the Hollywood starlet kind of white stuff—I mean snow, of course. And so I begin to convince (some might say coerce) my friends to take a big ski trip with me. ...more

Is Bigger Really Better? The New A380

With two levels of passenger seating, the new Airbus A380 super jet is bigger than anything we civilians have seen yet. Yesterday, Airbus officially delivered its first A380 to Singapore Airlines. A typical A380 with three cabin classes accommodates a whopping 525 passengers. Take out the first and business classes and make the plane all economy, and that number of passengers soars to over 800 (imagine that boarding process!). By 2011, this plane will be able to take off and land in 70 airports around the world. ...more

Finally, An Airline Gets It Right

Something fairly strange happened to me the other day. I showed up to the airport for a quick commuter flight to L.A., and the plane was delayed. No, no--that wasn't the strange part (if only!) The strange part was that the agent checking me in said "oh dear, seems like your flight won't be taking off at 8:08pm as scheduled, but at 9:54pm instead. But don't worry, we can get you on another flight before then." ...more

Guerilla Yoga

Through the windows of Ottawa’s Parliament building, senators are likely to see something that you wouldn’t expect on Parliament Hill: a Cobra; a Cat; and a Downward Facing Dog. If you’re a follower of the ancient tradition of yoga, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Keep in mind, I am no yoga expert, but you don’t have to be an Ashtanga master to know there’s something special about Yoga on Parliament Hill...... Read More at The Window Seat ...more

Last Stops For Lost Luggage

For all my gripes about flight delays and airline-service slips this summer, I have to admit that when I book a ticket to Rome, I generally end up in Rome. My suitcase’s final destination, on the other hand, is often quite literally up in the air. And since tighter carry-on restrictions have turned my fellow toiletry fiends and me into reluctant bag checkers, it seems inevitable that we’ll face down empty luggage carousels increasingly often.... Read More at The Window Seat ...more

Unusual Hotels: Sleeping Outside The Box

When I travel, I tend to book accommodations on a just-somewhere-to-sleep basis. This is for three reasons: first, I’d rather get it over with and spend more time planning things to do or, more importantly, what and where and how often to eat; second, it saves me money; and third, it’s a good way to make myself feel better about not having a single excuse to set foot in a five-star hotel, save visiting the lobby restroom. “Oh, it’s just somewhere to sleep,” I tell myself. And usually, it is. ...more