DNC 2012: Latinos, Interrupted?

"This is a big night for our community." "El Julián is going to go national after tonight." San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro opened the 2012 Democratic National Convention, one sign of the Obama campaign's aggressive outreach to Latinos, an emerging community and voting bloc. In addition to Castro's keynote address, other important roles include the chair of this event -- L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa -- and speaking roles for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Congressman Xavier Becerra....more

Latino Voters: The (In)Visible Political Giants?

About one year ago, I was advocating for more mainstream news coverage of the Latino vote....more

It's the Economía, Estúpido

A speech. An Ad. Un ado. Separately, each means nothing more than a headline but together, we can see the tightrope Mitt Romney is walking as he tries to reach out to Latinos, the demographic juggernaut and emerging voting bloc that he’s losing by significant margins to President Obama. He's trying to reach them in campaign ads like this one by avoiding immigration but laser focusing on the economy and jobs....more

Cinco de Mayo: The Wise Latina Club at the White House

In five and a-half years of living and reporting in Washington, DC I had only been to the White House twice, once to shoot a stand up for a news story and the other time as a guest of a friend from grad school who was working for the Bush Administration and offered a tour....more
Vivi I'm so glad you've been invited to the conversation.  It shows a lot about their effort to ...more

Scandal! An Interview with Crisis Queen Judy Smith, Who Inspired the Hit TV Series

Does anyone else hear the big click when the Universe unlocks her abundance, when Diosito bathes you with goodness? That’s how I felt when I guest hosted NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin when Michel was away. ...more

There is No Latino Vote

¿Que quééé?Yup, heard me right. There is no Latino vote.Think about it. More than 50 million Hispanics call America home and although we’re concentrated in Florida, California, Texas, and New York, we’re actually everywhere.Even in the “unlikeliest” places....more