How Do You Love Yourself When You Hate Who You See in the Mirror?

Love yourself.Seems like everywhere you turn these days, it's the same message.  Take care of yourself.  Love yourself....more

Depression is the Manifestation of a Wounded Heart

I can feel the darkness sweep in again.  Depression is an old friend with whom I have a love hate relationship.  Love, because I feel safe there.  Hate, because I feel so lost there.  I pull off my athletic shorts that make me feel cute and youthful.  They show off my tan legs, but today I want to hide.  I hunt around for Matt's sweatpants, and slip into the oversized legs.  I feel safe now, hiding. ...more

Why This Homeschool Mom Sent Her Kids to School

We’ve all been told American children are at the bottom of the world spectrum of education.  We know our children in the public schools suffer from ignorance, mediocracy, and failure.  We’ve all been sold on the bill of no child left behind, but our future generations are being left behind in this world at an exponential rate. ...more

I'm a Supermom

I know I spend a lot of time talking about imperfect mothering, and I'm so glad I do, because, well, it's liberating.  Keeping unrealistic expectations of perfection only leaves me depressed, angry and exhausted.  There are days when too much doesn't go according to plan, and I lose my cool, I shout, stomp my feet and if it wasn't so hard to get back up off the floor, I'd throw myself down and kick a bit, too....more

How to Make Disney Inspired Home Decor

Do you know how much we love Disney?  Ok, we may or may not be obsessed, so on my quest to create a cozy home I wanted to make sure it also reflected us, and what we love, but we're not interested in cartoony, cheesy Disney decor.  We want to show our love for all things Disney, but keep it classy.  I know, you're probably thinking, "Is that even possible"?  Well, you're about to find out....more

Mommy, You're Having a Baby! Except, I'm Not Pregnant

jvkom thanks for sharing!more

The Day I Found Out About My Husband's Affair

My body was violently out of control.  My mind was tumbling from the shock.  Holding the seven pages of our most recent phone bill confirmed my worst fear.You need to get control of yourself, Charity....more

My Kids Need a Mother Who's Willing to Take Her Perfect Off

 I'm pretty sure every mother, while holding her infant in her arms, declares, "Baby, I will protect you at all costs.  Your life will be different than mine.  I'll make sure you never have to experience the devastating wounds I've had to endure.  I will keep you safe.  I will be a perfect mother"....more