My Break from Blogging: Surviving the Silence of Divorce Court ...more

My Break from Blogging: Surviving the Silence of Divorce Court ...more

The Vagina Shirt: Appropriate School Attire?

I have a confession to make. One night, while driven to distraction with insomnia, I logged onto my Facebook account with a little mission in mind. My daughter has been hanging around with some friends I don't know very well and I was curious about what their profiles might tell me.  I sat on my bed in the dark with only the light of my MacBook Air to illuminate the room and clicked on my daughter's profile picture.  My genius plan to lurk around her page and do some reconnaissance  began. A word to the wise: lurking your teen's Facebook page does not cure insomnia. ...more

To Blog or Not to Blog? Where do You Draw the Line?

Recently, it came to my attention that a little part of my life had been put out to the world in a blog other than my own.  I received a phone call from a friend asking if someone's post was referring to me.  While I wasn't named directly, it was pretty obvious to the people who know me that I was the subject of the post involved.  Was it a mean or angry post? Hmmm. No, but the motivation behind the writing? There was definitely some emotion involved because it was about my personal life and it made me uncomfortable....more

Saying Goodbye to My Mother-in-Law

   (reprinted from my blog last week)...more

Umm...Time Travel and Super Heroes? You in?


Divorce Etiquette: Don't Ask Me About it. It's Rude.

sorry readers...the first submission had a few corrected! more

When A Sibling Dies...Remembering My Brother

 I had hoped to treat this like any other Sunday, you know, coffee, New York Times, read about someone else's adventures, but I can't. ...more

Fa La La La...Laughing Through the Holiday Stress. I'm Trying!!!

  So last night I went to a comedy club with a friend. Well, let me be honest, I didn't just "go".  I ran to the car, sped to the train and breathed a sigh of relief that I had escaped a simmering family saga. It was a last minute invite that took me only a minute to accept...a movie I might have passed on, but a laugh? I needed one desperately. ...more

Need To Bail on Holiday Travel? Check with Your Psychic They Might Get You Out of It. Your Intuition's Cheaper Though!

Get a reading while you ride...  I just read an article in the New York Times, ...more