Calling all Tattooed BlogHers!

 Do you have tattoos?  Do you want tattoos?  Do you just enjoy looking at tattoos?  Come join my new Tattoo Tuesday meme at Thorne's World.  It's easy to play.  Just post a pic on your own blog, or tell a story....more

Plastic Recycling by the Numbers

 Are you confused about which plastics recycle?  I always figured, if it's plastic shouldn't they accept it at my local recycling center?  For awhile I went to one that did accept it, but didn't pay for some of it.  That was okay with me.  I mean, I figured that as long as it wasn't ending up in the landfill I was doing my part, right?  I was dismayed to discover that many small recycling centers accept all of your plastics and then just dump those that they don't handle into the landfill after all....more

Intro Redux from Thorne

Hello all you rockin' wimminz who put the "grrr" in grrrl!  Thorne here, also known around the interwebz as Ol' Auntie, "Auntie Thorne" and "Hey you"! ...more

The Integratron in Thorne's Neck of the Woods

Here I go again with another of Shelly at This Eclectic Life's great ideas. It's called "My Neck of the Woods" and she got onto the idea to write about cool places to visit in our own areas, that maybe people who visit might miss. ...more

Getting my Good On

Oh, I am so gettin' my good on!!!  I've been participating in Shelley's meme, Only the Good Fridays, and it's pretty amazing the effect it has.  As Friday rolls around it's almost like I have no choice in the matter!  It's simply time to focus on the good, no matter what! ...more

Political Lesbian Tattoo Artist checking in...

Or is that "Lesbian, political tattoo artist", or "Tattoo Artist of Lesbian orientation and questionable gender who is interested in politics.... Who really knows?? I'm saying hello, posting my links, and hoping women stop by. I'm a 45 year old, perfectly partnered, soon-to-be grandma (again) woman living in the High Desert of sunny So. Cal. I BLOG about just about everything that catches my fancy at: ...more

Thank you for the welcome, Denise! Nice to meet you, too!more

BLOG About Separation of Church and State April 6-8

Blog Against Theocracy - April 6-8 Please get involved in a little blogactivism and help raise awareness on the need to preserve separation of church and state and protecting the First Amendment. Your help in recruiting bloggers for Blog Against Theocracy is needed and appreciated too. ...more

qassandra has an incredible fictional ...more