Kitchen Crusades

I'm back from the kitchen. I love cooking with distractions, it makes the process so much more enjoyable! I usually have my sister to disturb me, but she’s still at work today. So I relied on my trusted iPad to blast my music and read recipes off the internet (or via emails that my friends send me…Yum!) ...more

Downtime Tip – TAKE A DAY OFF!

Things were getting a bit too hectic so I did something completely opposite to my natural instincts: I took the day off work today!...more

Work/Marriage/Life Balance - The Trifecta.

I’ve had to break up my posts a bit – I can only squeeze in blog writing about 10 minutes a day. I work in publishing so my deadlines are insane!This is our daily schedule:I wake up around 7am, drag myself to get ready and make a bit of breakfast. My husband and I see each other for about 10 minutes in total (we’re lucky if we sit down to eat cereal together!) ....more

Fertility, Ain't It A Funny Thing

My weekly catch ups with my girl friends have been few and far between. So we have been keeping in touch via IM (thank YOU mobile technology and a great data plan!) What’s funnier, they work even crazier hours than I do. Sometimes they don't make it home before midnight.So, two of my friends are married, two of them are not. The married ones have been trying to get pregnant for a while, but haven’t had any luck yet....more

Work/Marriage/Life Balance - Part Deux!

My husband and I are a relatively young couple – 25 and 26. I take this intrepid step to write these blog posts because I find myself wondering every single day, how do people do it?...more
It sounds like me! I wake up at 4.30am. Cook dinner, get breakfast and lunch ready so at 5:45 ...more

Work/Marriage/Life Balance - Does it Even Exist?

Over 2 months ago, I had my dream wedding. Cliched, I know, but there is truly no other way to describe it. I had my dream dress that fit perfectly, I was surrounded by my closest friends, family, colleagues, and relatives who came from near and far. ...more