Decor Trends: Antlers

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DIY Faux Fireplace Tutorial

Welcome to my ever changing room :) I just can't keep well enough alone in here. I've been planning on how I'm going to decorate for Christmas and decided that I wanted to make this room a little cozier this year. The best way to make it cozy is a fireplace, right? ...more

DIY Faux Cotton Stem Wreath

Let's talk about cotton. I love it. I wear it ....more

How to host...and survive...your holiday parties.

I've made the mistake of deciding to host our upcoming family Thanksgiving this year :) I thought it would be fun, but once I offered I realized what it entailed. I love my family. I love having them over and spending time with them ....more

How To Make Your Stainless Steel Sink Shine

I'm writing this post and it feels like midnight, but it's really only 7. Curse daylight saving time! But, seriously ....more

My Halloween Entryway

With Halloween this week and only a couple more days away, I thought I would share my entryway with you all. I had a lot of fun this year with our Halloween decor. Having kids helps :) In fact, our little toddler helped with putting up all the mice ....more

Decor Trends: Deer Mounts and Busts

My husband is an avid hunter and he would always 'joke' about having multiple deer and elk mounts in our living room. We have a two story living room, so his vision was having mounts all the way up to the ceilings. Probably something quite similar to this.. ....more

Black Lace Halloween Lamp Shade

Today's the last day of the 5 Days of Halloween Crafts series! Today's project isn't so much a craft. You won't need any glue or scissors ....more

Chalkboard Doily "Boo" Banner

Welcome to the 4th day of the 5 Days of Halloween Crafts series! Today's craft is a banner made from doilies. I'm obsessed with doilies right now, so this seemed only fitting :)...more

DIY Glittery Spiderweb Place Mat

Today's craft from the 5 Days of Halloween Craft series is a spiderweb place mat made from hot glue and glitter!And yes, it's as easy as it sounds :) All I used was parchment paper, hot glue and gun and some glitter. You can free hand the web if you want, but I decided to draw one onto the parchment paper first using a marker. There are two ways to do this ....more