An open letter to (you know who you are)

By Jennifer Harvey   ...more


by Jennifer Harvey How she remembers it after all this time, I couldn’t tell you. ...more


By Jennifer Harvey  Some stories go on, even when we wish they would end. This, I know. ...more

Fears and Events and Prayers, Part IV

by Jennifer Harvey You can find Parts I, II and III here. ...more

How to land

by Jennifer Harvey    ...more

Insomnia: The ungodly hour edition

I’m writing this at the hour of night known as  Some Ungodly Hour. ...more


Mary Chapin Carpenter sings the words, half a beat behind me as I write them. And somehow sings ahead of me, too, which makes no kind of sense, just is. It’s a good song - catchy and soulful at once. I’m pretty sure we have a hit on our hands, not that Mary’s ever needed any help from me. She seems to know what she’s doing, so I usually just say no when she asks if I’ll write music with her,* because really, who has that kind of time? And then, I hear whispering. Insistent, plaintive whispering. “Mommy?” ...more

Wherein I rant, and use a lot of italics

by Jennifer Harvey   As hard times go, this current economic downturn isn’t my first rodeo. When I single girl living on my own, there was a time when I had to decide between buying cat food or taking my clothes to the laundromat (the cat won, of course, and some careful hand-washing got me through to my next paycheck). Other times, I couldn’t pay my rent on time, and there was even a night or two spent reading by candlelight because the power was turned off. ...more

The Map

I sit in my office, at the  east-facing window, tweezers in one hand and a mirror in the other. The perfect light for some overdue eyebrow maintenance. Bright, natural light. Forgiving, it isn’t.  (And talk about hairs apparent.) After a few busy and painful moments, I finish. And then. As I lean back from the mirror, I see what I missed with just an eyebrow at a time filling the mirror. The face reflected back at me looks tired and pale and…well, not young. (Don’t make me say it.) ...more

Thank you for this, Virginia, and also for the friend request. I'm very happy to add you.  ...more

Be Careful

I hear the words rise easy and worn to my lips. Be careful. My boy climbs the sloped trunk of the tree in front of our house.  A monkey, a scout, Tarzan. My girl follows, more timid, a stuffed unicorn ...more