Redneck Style

We had another "first" today - we went to the ZOO!  Finally.  I bought the membership a mere  4 months ago. Betty Poops  arrived at 5:09am sharp, we played a little, both took a nap from 7:30-9:30am and I awoke abruptly after dreaming that she had pooped all over herself....more

Turns out--she gets car sick

Confirmed months ago, the big weekend finally arrived - just me and the little chicken all weekend.  Mol and Chris went to Winstock to enjoy a couple nights of freedom and Jeremy was in Canada for a hockey clinic....more

She inherited my shoulder dance

Is it possible it's been 3 months since I wrote?  My fail.  I've been watching little miss Mae every 1st and 3rd Wednesday and perhaps I didn't feel like there was anything worthy to write about.  Like it's not the BIGGEST deal that she's teeter-walking everywhere and that she's a will-eat-anything-and-everything food consumer with a mouth full of the cutest teeth you'll ever see.   Those are humongous milestones and again, my fail. ...more

She had corn for dinner

Well we're back at it.  After a couple months of not having my Bug on a regular basis my prayers and lamentations were answered with a job locale change for Chris.  Starting in February he took a different shift in EAGAN so by the grace of God the little thing is back with me - this time we're shooting for the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  ...more

Hand prints

Finally… It’s been far too long, a month?  Over a month?  I don’t know and I don’t want to know, it’s just been too long but alas the streak has ended and I got to see my Bug on my time and for a SLEEP OVER no less!I found out Friday Mol needed someone for the baby for Saturday night, after a quick think over and plans adjustment I happily said yes and was excited to see that little face back in my house. ...more

She likes my singing

I learned a pretty impressive tip today from Molster -- give the baby the bottle and lay her the same time.  Genius!  And it worked like charm because she got there at 8, was asleep by 8:30 and slept all the way through her last swimming lesson and our planned walk with the dogs until noon.  The kid sleeps....more

That's it.

Eat, play, sleep, diaper x 3 = 8 hours.  That's it. ...more

They can't all be good days.

It started out great, she was in a great mood when she got here at 8:30, by 9:15 she wanted to sleep and suck on her pacifier.  The problem was, her momma forgot it.   So the plan was for grandma and grandpa bill to make the trek in from Hudson to come see Bug in Dolphin Pups and they were going to stop and buy a pacifier on the way.  But they weren’t going to be here till 10:30. Do you know how long it is from 9:15 to 10:30 in baby hours? ...more

It takes 6 hands

I hadn't had my Bug in 2 weeks and missed her face and I'm pretty sure she missed mine too because when she got here this morning she was super mouth-open-hands-out happy to see me. I could stop there, because it was that good. But I won't. ...more

Not sure swimming lessons was such a great idea after all.

I had a genius idea a few weeks ago that I wanted to take Bug to swimming lessons.  I know Mol was a fish growing up and she started with baby swim lessons so I figured her babe should have that too. After calling around a bit I found a place in Apple Valley that happens to have “dolphin pups” classes on Wednesdays at 11am so – yesterday – I signed us up. ...more