Five minutes

With ten minutes left before I had to leave the house, I closed my...more

Finding flowers — snippets and smiles

The kids petitioned for dinner out on Sunday night, complete with a “circle yes or no” note for Ryan. In an unprecedented move, I tried to skip out on pizza. My protest wasn’t because of the ridiculous climbing of calories on My Fitness Pal but the cold ....more

Free short stories from Bannerwing Books

One of the hats I wear is managing editor over at Bannerwing Books, a small — but growing! — independent publisher. Bannerwing Books wants to help authors hone...more

A Weekend with Froggy

Froggy goes to Target (of course.) I went to preschool in the early 80s,...more

Five Things

Snow closed school on Monday and Tuesday, leaving us with the long days filled with makeshift activities and stretched screen limits. Snow days won’t always be like this. We’ll scatter to different rooms, falling into individual pursuits, and these days when I wonder how they can continuously...more

6 Words

We’ve been building a lot of LEGO lately. I have two types of LEGO builders, and this smiling little guy is an un-builder and re-builder. He loves his The LEGO Movie sets so much — building, breaking down, and rebuilding ....more

Finding unexpected power

I can’t count how many times we’ve carried the condor eggs to the top of the mountain, part of the narrative involved in a yoga DVD both my kids adore. This week, when Dylan asked me to actually do yoga instead of just racing around the house and hiding my inflexibility, I said yes. He gleefully piled a group of plastic Easter eggs next to me ....more

Random bits and pieces

My brain is tired tonight, the good kind of tired where it feels stretched and worked, reaching into corners that haven’t been used in a while. I drafted and drafted and drafted some more yesterday, and while the editing might be brutal, it feels good to see “edit” on my to-do lists instead of scribbled essay ideas. I still haven’t written about my goals for the year, in part because I haven’t really fleshed out how I want them to look ....more

The magical nature of five

Thank you, sweet boy, for not holding it against me that your birthday letter is a week late. Dear Dylan, You asked for frosted sugar cookies, shaped like a bear, and covered in chocolate instead of my go-to vanilla icing. The cookies cooled during bedtime, when you lounged on the rug with your favorite person in the world ....more


For days, the temperatures danced...more