Turn around

Even before the snow fell this week, I’d been feeling overwhelmed. My impatience, always lurking in the background, snapped and crackled at anyone in its way. My planner has been sitting, open, in the office, and things are being highlighted ....more

Fiction Friday Three – NaBloPoMo Style

Lina only tagged along with the would-be brewers because she didn’t want to write her philosophy paper. Rex and Reid had been looking...more

Not Without My Father – A review

I ran gently the day after my half-marathon this fall, testing and stretching sore muscles. The previous day’s thirteen (point one) mile run weighed heavily on my joints, and even as my slow run loosened the kinks, I looked forward to stretching, to resting, and I haven’t come close to that thirteen (point one) mile distance since the sunny Sunday at the end of September. In March, Andra Watkins published a book, a feat I admire in and of itself ....more

Field trips are awesome

You might expect preschoolers on field trips to be...more

The Virgin Suicides – A review

In 2012, I did a little “Read it, then watch it” post, and — of course — included The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. The book is one of my favorites, which is simple and so complicated for someone who loves more and more books each year. I’ve been writing more lately, so I’ve been thinking about writing — what I want to do, what it can do for the reader, and my favorite books are always on my mind when I’m juggling those sorts of questions in my head ....more

Precipice is here

Stories are the threads that connect people to each other, the ways we realize our similarities and differences, and the ways our lives intersect with those around us. Precipice is one of my favorite projects of the year, because it’s a way for storytellers to share their stories in the medium in which they’re most comfortable. Poetry, memoir, and fiction wind around each other to make a complete collection ....more


Every once in a while, I scratch out a rough plan for keeping the house spotless. Fine, it’s more like a rough plan for keeping the house clean on a rotating basis, rooms cleaned in shifts...more

What I’m reading while I’m writing

Years ago, I used to read a single book at a time, flipping through the pages as quickly as possible. Now, we’re on a steady rotation of kids’ books, and I find that I’m reading more than one thing at a time, too. Picking books for the kids never works the way I expect ....more

Fiction Friday Two – NaBloPo Style

Rain Ozone introduced the drops before they fell. Walkers scrambled into doorways or groped for umbrellas in totes that curved their owners’ spines with an abundance of necessities. Rose watched him walk away from their table with a spine straightened by his revealed truth ....more

Five random things

Five random things, huh? You can blame Angela for this one (no, I’m not talking to myself… the other Angela.) 1....more