Some second grade changes

This weekend — and week, to be honest — was a whirlwind of places we needed to be, things we wanted to do, and a little bit of everything in between. I’m trying to breathe in the quiet moments and mine them for energy during the chaotic ones. This school year has been the most beautiful mess of busyness, something on which I thrive — until I don’t ....more

Remembering the lake

The calendar tells me it’s autumn, though in Michigan, the weather might not necessarily agree. Our fall starts and stops when it comes to temperatures, but the light has been whispering about fall for over a week. Sunlight pushes through the windows in a different way as the days shorten ....more

Hands Free Life – A review

I’m struggling to write my Hands Free Life review — not because I didn’t love it or don’t think you should read it. I knew I’d adore it before I even cracked the cover, and I believe Rachel Macy Stafford’s words will resonate, in some way, for anyone who reads them. I unequivocally recommend Hands Free Life ....more

Some nights

Thoughts swirl around and end up in notes in the margins of my planner — a new one I adore. I want to sit down for a few minutes and write about the beginning of this school year, the way my house echoes around even the loudest music, until their laughter fills it again. I want to write about the way she wants to wear matching earrings but also pushes away my help, before asking me to come back into her orbit ....more

Dinosaur excitement

Earlier this summer, we saw Inside Out with Uncle Donnie, Aunt Jessica, and Eleanor. I teared up several times during the movie. I really related to the way Riley’s thoughts and concerns were becoming more complicated than they had been when she was a little girl ....more


We use a lot of towels. Beach days and pool afternoons, running workouts in the humidity and a little girl with tons of hair who loves to wrap it in a turban after a shampoo before shedding the towel in various locations around the house. Sometimes I wonder if we should use them longer between launderings ....more

Goodbye to summer

Happy Labor Day, friends. Saying goodbye to summer hurts a little more this year. The kids grew into these little people who make jokes and help pack their own bags and have decent suggestions for meals ....more

Five things to read — or do

Our kids don’t go back to school until next week, but I’ve watched friends and relatives send off their kids to their first days for weeks. Lots of sweet photos and stories have passed through my social media feeds, text messages, and phone calls, but none have brought tears to my eyes like that of the lovely Jamie Krug and her son, Owen. Don’t let these adorable photos fool you; Owen is a warrior — as is his mama....more

Finding the right tools

Yesterday I hung a bulletin board in the playroom. Abbey’s done her homework in various places the last two years: the kitchen table, the island, sprawled across the living room floor. This year, especially since both kids will have homework each week, we’re working on creating a dedicated space for them to devote to schoolwork, studying, and reading ....more

Empty shelves

The real countdown to the first day of school became obvious when we scrambled over to Target for a few things on a school supply list that changed this week. I’d thought I’d finished ahead of time this year, but I should have known the premature self-back-patting would come around to mock me. Still, the changes weren’t major, and I’m not going to complain about another chance to wander the school supply aisle ....more