How many young women suffer with Self-Image?

Our society will just about drive you crazy making you feel as if your not good enough in some sort of way. Whether it is because you fail to financially keep up with modern technology, fashion, or physical upkeep. It's interesting to look at magazines and watch how celebrities change their entire image. Along with their image, their personality. If a young teenage girl or boy for that matter struggles with self image, have you seriously thought about where that stems from? Its pretty obvious. Of course it is most formed by family members, the people they interact with on a daily basis....more

Teenage Pregnancy, To mature or not mature

My blogs will only consist of personal life experiences. Of course statistically people can always form their own opinions regarding a lot of situations. Although most of the time each individual placed in one of these statistics whether its because of race, age, or backround, are "misplaced". Some of the individuals may fit into the statistic based off circumstances at the time, but more than likely each person's situation is never investigated or explored. Simply placed in a stereo type without second thought. For example. I myself am considered to be in many statistics....more
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