TidbitsThursday 16 WordPress Plugins I Love and Why

I have been asking for feedback on what kinds of #TidbitsThursday posts you would like to see written. I got a real question today. The problem is familiar, but some of my answers are not overly attractive. The question was, “What are your favorite plugins and why?”...more

Playstation 4 Thoughts

I’ve made it clear that we are huge video gamers in this household! Today has been all about E3 live events. We literally went and pre0rdered XBox One. I’m so glad that Gamestop is closed because is Playstation 4 became available tonight, I do declare my husband would be at Gamestop getting it on his order list tonight too ....more

Natural Mothering EBook Bundle Sale

  Have you ever wished motherhood came with a manual? ...more

Just a Quick Heads Up

I haven’t died or fell into a hole. I have been working on two different Internships with some other fabulous bloggers. I will still be doing posts on my blog, but I don’t think they will be done everyday for a period of time ....more

Good Cook Fresh Produce Keeper Set Review and Giveaway

Since I am a Good Cook Kitchen Expert I’ve had the privilege of being able to review this Fresh Keeper set ....more

Interview Time

I thought that I was going to have a guest post for you today, so I honestly freed my mind from creating any type of blog post at all (since Saturdays are going to be my free for all blog post days.) However, the guest post was not ready in time for me to post it. So, instead I decided to take the advise that was given to me from my blog challenge group that I’m a part of. They ...more

Get Creative With Wooden Pallets

  Sorry to give you a video sideways, but I really wasn’t after you seeing the kids in action so much as you being able to see their tree house that is made from wooden pallets. Trust me when I say these kids spend hours on end in this tree house ....more


I’m going co0-coo over Internet. Everything is going online in HIGH SPEED mode. You have to have LARGE bandwidth in order to do anything. I live in the country 6-7 miles outside of Orangeburg town limits. The only Internet I can get is satellite. It’s NOT unlimited! Why is that? Are we because we live rural areas non customers? Non people? Non citizens? Except when it comes to voting? ...more

Fundraising Suggestions

Sometimes in life we have to spend some money on equipment verses paying someone else to do a job for us. I have learned this value lesson throughout my life while watching others prepare for big events. If you have ever tried to round up the funds for a fundraiser then you know first hand, that you want to use your money you get wisely! Especially, in today’s economical status ....more