Tested for True Character

       The bottom of the tag reads "Tested for true character."  I don't know how you test a hat for its character, but I am grateful for whoever takes the time to do this every day.  What an awesome job!  This is my new litmus test for life....more

Messages from Heaven

Never Enough Love

The Beginner's Goodbye

     I wish I could say The Beginner's Goodbye was another amazing book by Anne Tyler, but it was just mediocre.  When she writes well, this woman is untouchable.  Unfortunately, the last few books have lost their edge....more

Boy Energy

Life is Fleeting, but Love is Eternal

     Yesterday Mandy and I talked about expectations...and life...and love...and all the other random thoughts that came up as we sat sewing together.  We decided that life, and love, have a way of surprising us and taking us places we never dreamed of at the start of the journey.  Isn't amazing that the life we get is so wonderful that most of us wouldn't trade it for the life we thought we wanted - the children we weren't expecting or the person we never wanted to love or the pets we didn't want or the job that was only temporary?...more

My Declaration of Independence

Today Patti Digh wrote a blog post that has had me thinking all day.  In it she wrote of her declaration of in(ter)dependence and the freedoms she has gathered to herself in this lifetime.  You can read her eloquent post here .  At the end of the post she challenged us to share our own list today.  I've been trying to come up with an answer all day and am no closer to the answer than I was this morning, but I am going to give it a try anyway. ...more

Letting Go of Perfection

     Sometimes I look at all the things that are still undone and I get overwhelmed. The garden.  Sewing projects still half-finished.  The clutter in my house.  Books still waiting to be read.  I look around and feel stuck.  Today I realized it's part of my endless drive to be perfect.  Everything must be perfect before I can let go and enjoy the moment....more

Love Emerges