Educating Businesses on Green Practices

My lifestyle is pretty Green. As I have mentioned in my blog in the past, my home life is almost completely green and when I am out and about I try to keep up my Greeness regardless of who I am with or where I am. The next project I want to take on is educating businesses here in Miami on Greening their operations, specifically the hospitality industry. It is one of the top industries here in Miami and draws me in because of the amount of products they go through daily to uphold their service. ...more

BalanceBoost's Independence Issue on Wellness & Green Living

As the Founder of BalanceBoost Wellness & Green Social Network I invite you to read this week's issue of our Weekly Wellness & Green Guide featuring Blogs on Independence and Politics. Click here to read Our Independence Guide.  Here are the highlights: ...more

Tipping Point

WOW! Normally when I write the main feature for my company's Weekly Wellness Guide, I do not contribute to my Blog, but this topic is the most important topic to me. I say this because if this inspires anyone of you to move forward with taking some sort of action to awaken your consciousness then I am not only the happiest person ev ...more

The Point of No Return

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we stop to look at the big picture no matter who we are. We do this because some basic, but common thread we all have is our humanitarian instinct. As decent human beings we all want what’s best for one another even if we do not know one another. That level of desire starts at its highest with our family and friends then streams into our neighbors and community, then our countrymen and finally to all of mankind. ...more

Triple Bottom Line

As EarthDay approaches (April 22nd), people and organizations will raise awareness and create ways for others to take action on environmental issues. However, in this era, environmental issues are only one aspect of what is needed to create organization and TIP our consciousness to the entire picture of global issues. ...more

Hello From Tiffany

The story behind BalanceBoost started with my own quest to become healthier and live at my best. Growing up in a household of chain smokers and unhealthy eaters wasn’t easy, but as a former athlete and someone who was very involved in school activities, I was concerned with performance and appearance. ...more