7 Quick Tips to Garden on a Budget

I have some good news and some bad news about gardening. The bad news is that it can cost a fortune to have and maintain a garden… but the good news is that it doesn't have to! One mistake we all make when it comes to our gardens is not having a clear idea of how much we are willing to spend on it. We go into it without having a plan of attack, and end up spending way more than we had originally wanted to. ...more
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How to: Make Wood Crates by Repurposing Pallets

To organize my pantry I decided I wanted to create some custom storage solutions, within three criteria of it being cost effective, sturdy, and that it looked the way I wanted it to. This is my solution to what I needed to get the organization project completed… to make rustic repurposed wood crates from pallets.   ...more

For the Love of Cateye Glasses

Over time eye glasses have evolved. In the 1950's, cateye glasses became part of the fashion, and is something my grandma rocked on her wedding day, October 27th, 1955. ...more

Some Comic Relief for You, Valentine

Some may not associate Valentine's Day with old newspaper comics, but if you haven't noticed by now, I'm not really like "some people"....more

5 Essential Steps to Planning Your Garden

Spring! It is getting closer day by day, and it has me itching to get in the garden! Gardening is one of my favorite things to do, and brings so much peace and joy into my life. Yes, it is hard work… and no, it's not as easy for some as it is for others… but the great thing about gardening is you can keep trying new things to help you get the garden of your dreams....more

Restore, Repurpose, & Reusing | Kitchens

When I think about repurposing, restoring, or reusing an object I tend to think about some older object that has been neglected, or out dated, or just not very pleasing to the eye. Maybe we even think of re-using an item, like a dresser in a different part of the house, for a different purpose.However, how often do we think about how we can use an item in our life, today, as it was intended to be used originally? By this I mean… when was the last time we decide to change ourselves to fit into a particular space? or how often do we change ourselves for anything?...more

Run down to Vintage Glam: Curio Cabinet

This is a personal project of mine. I had this curio that was given to me from a friend. At the time it was given to me, I couldn't turn it down because it was the nicest piece of furniture I could own and since it was a gift I decided I would make room for it in the tiny two bedroom apartment that we lived in at the time. This piece of furniture has traveled with us from house to house, across the country and back a few times, and needless to say… it was starting to look a little beaten up....more

What's under the Christmas Tree?

  The other day I was sitting around watching a Lifetime movie with my Mother-in-law. This may sound like no big deal, but if you knew me you would know that isn't normal. You see, my Mother-in-law was in town visiting for thanksgiving, I had by chance been scrolling through the channels on tv when I happened to come across a christmasy movie… it just so happens it was on Lifetime. I thought to myself, eh, I don't know?? ...more

Free Printable: Winterize your Home Checklist

It's an all too common mistake that we make each year, and could save ourselves a ton of headache with a little preparation for Winter. I grew up in North Dakota, and have lived on each coast of the US, as well as Texas over the years. Each place is different, so of course you may need to adjust your preparation plans accordingly.at present, I live in Southern California, so I don't have much of a winter that I have to deal with, but there are some things that are still necessary. ...more
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Family Fall Fun Checklist

 I have struggled a little this year with going back to work, and keeping on top of all the things I would like to accomplish. As a result, this is what I put together for my Family to keep track of all the fun activities we want to accomplish during this season. I sat down with my kids and asked them what some they wanted to do this year, so this is what we came up together. I thought I would share with you all so that, if you are a list checker like myself, you can use it for your family also! ...more