4 tips for hiking with kids

This post is brought to you by Gymboree. I have been a fanatical client of theirs since the Peanut was in utero. When they asked me to share their newest Eric Carle line with you, I couldn’t say yes fast enough ....more

Dining out with #BlogCharlotte

One of the happiest side effects of having attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in April is that I finally connected with another blogger who lives right here in Charlotte! Yes, I had to fly clear across the country in order to meet someone in my own back yard. Making new friends as an adult after a big move like ours is not an easy task ....more

18 awesome books for Back to School

I recently shared my thoughts on the simple trick my parents used to ignite a lifelong love for books. You can read the full post here but the simple answer is: They made sure I had access to books in a fantastic home library. “It’s not what you have, but...more

Raising little book worms

Growing up, our house had a blue covered, gilded page encyclopedia set and a pair of atlas books that were so large I could barely carry them myself. Countless school projects were developed thanks to the information I gleaned from those books. Truth be told, you could sometimes find the summertime me curled up in my dad’s armchair reading one of the encyclopedias ....more

10 awesome hashtags to kickstart your creativity

This post is brought to you by the new Lyve Home system. I was super excited to test out this new device and am thrilled to be giving one away. Be sure not to miss the entry details for snagging your own! ...more

Team Hot Pink Tutu

In case you missed the announcements, Tim and I are joining forces with our friends Paul and Erica to run the Disney Enchanted 10K in February 2015 in honor of St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Our team? ...more

3 quick table decorations for a Back to School Feast

Back to School is the perfect time for setting some simple family traditions. Everyone has their own set of must-do’s: special photo ops, first day clothing shopping trips, and interviews for the scrapbook but...more

Peaches and cream scones

With the exception of a few too-busy weeks, we’ve done a spectacular job of keeping to our proposed summer schedule. Thursday mornings have been “Reading picnics for breakfast” day. It’s been one of our favorite morning activities since the first one I wrote about here ....more

10 movies for your next date night

Babysitter fees. Insane ticket prices. Lack of adult beverage offerings....more

Family memories, then and now

I was cleaning out a rarely used cabinet in our office and I found a shoebox full of old photos from my childhood. I hadn’t looked through this box in years and wanted to pull out a few to share with the girls. It made me chuckle to see myself at their ages, it made them giggle even harder ....more