In search of a secular education…

The Business Partner and I are currently thinking (fighting?) about things education-related for our little ones. Girl will be going into reception in September and despite the fact that he’s not even 2 yet we need to start making decisions about what to do with Boy when the time comes.  Having moved into a rental we are not sure where we are going to settle permanently so with the school decision comes, potentially, a house decision, which further complicates matters....more

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

‘Banker bashing’ has gained massive popularity since the 2008 crisis, and rightly so in some cases, given the institutional-level corruption and greed which introduced true systemic risk of a previously unforeseen scale and saw me standing outside my bank in October 2008 wondering whether I should just withdraw all my cash and keep it under my bed until the storm had passed, just in case....more