Protective Styling with Wigs | Natural or Relaxed Hair

Don't you just love a good wig? Wearing wigs is one of my favorite ways to protecting my hair during my hair growth journey. Now wigs are not the only way to protective style. I've used buns, braids, and anything else that has kept my ends protective. Protective styling is a must on any healthy hair journey no matter the hair type of texture. ...more

5 Winter Hair & Beauty Must Haves

Winter months wreaking havoc on your skin and hair? These five beauty and hair must haves can prevent your winter dryness blues. The winter months are not kind to those of us with dry skin or eczema. There are quite a few items that help my hair and skin in tip top shape and I shared my top five must haves on Grow It Girl. Having skin dry enough to resemble an alligator is not fun , especially when you have crazy kids like I do. ...more

Rainbow Honey Glitter Polish...Old School Christmas

I posted swatches of the polishes I received in my September Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. I thought the colors were gorgeous and they were well received by my readers. ...more

Purple Nail Polish Is My Weakness!

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem with nail polishes in the purple family. I don't care what shade they are, I have to buy them and I don't feel guilty one bit. ...more

What Are The Benefits of Ceramides for Hair and Skin?

Ceramides are a life saver for the dry hair or skin girls like me. Let me tell you, having dry skin is the pits and I know all about it. I am the lucky puppy that has eczema and low porosity hair. Can you imagine the fun I have trying to keep my hair and skin properly moisturized without looking like an alligator?...more

Totally Twisted Hair Bun

Summer is finally upon us and I can't wait to enjoy the sun. If you have long hair, I'm sure you are looking for easy and cute ways to tuck your hair away. No one wants wet hair stuck to their face and in 90 degree weather. I have the perfect hair style to complete your summer look. ...more

May Hair and Beauty Goals...Working On Me & My Blog

I love setting goals each month in areas where I would like to see improvement. By posting them on my blog, it is a way for me to be accountable and forces me to do my best to reach each goal.  I title it hair and beauty goals but it includes those thing that makes us beautiful in other ways....more

OPI Brazil Collection: Toucan Do It If You Try

Sally's Beauty said, "sale" and I ran to the site. Of course, the polish I picked out where not a part of their buy 2, get 1 free sale but I still made out with a few goodies. I purchased two OPI Brazil Collection polishes and China Glaze 3 pack polishes for less than $25 with shipping. I decided to give OPI's Toucan Do It If You Try a little spin and I must say I love the color. ...more

Reader Question: Mizani Classic Rhelaxer versus Mizani Butter Blend

I recently received a question from a reader after posting about the best relaxers to use to texlax. It is no secret how I feel about the Mizani brand and I believe it is the best relaxer for texlaxing. A reader inquired about the difference in the Classic Rhelaxer and the Butter Blend Hg formula. ...more

#NOTD - Spring Has Sprung

Spring is officially here and not a moment too soon. Winter here in the South has been brutal. It is time to get out and enjoy the break in weather. It's been 70 degrees here and I decided I wanted nails that matched the weather. ...more
Laurend1985  You can't beat that price for a good mani! Thanks so much. The trick it to clean up ...more