Not Ready to Be a Proud Card Carrying Member

TheĀ envelope came this week. To be honest, it came as a bit of a surprise. I really thought the mailman made a mistake.....till I saw my name on it. Wait a minute here, I'm not 50 yet. I haven't wrapped my head around the fact yet.... that I'll be 50 in September. WOW! ...more

Cutting the cord....5 years too late

There was a time when I couldn't wait till all 3 kids turned 18 and move out of the house. I dreamt that when that day came, I would be doing a naked dance around the house with my ball and chain of how ever many years, and I wouldn't have to be so involved in every aspect of their lives. My life would be my own. HA! The joke is on me. The happy naked dance never happened. ...more

Inauguration: The Cuban Connection

My skin color is not black, it is white. But I am not looked upon as being white. I am Cuban, therefore, I'm really Hispanic. I was born here in Chicago, in the USA but I'm not an American, so I am a Cuban-American. That's okay with me because I am proud of who I am and that my parents came here to this country in search of a better life. I will be 50 this year and it means I was alive during the Kennedy administration, MLK'sI Have A Dream speech, race riots of the 60's, the first man on the moon, and now another monumental moment in history. ...more

Yesterday: Lost in Translation

All day I've contemplated doing a bit of a rebuttal and I feel like I need to explain a few things. Yesterday I blogged about my view of the mother daughter relationship from a mother's perspective. I meant it to be humorous but also make a point. But from the comments and emails I received, the humor part was lost on some. ...more

A Mothers View on Mother-Daughter Relationships

After 9 glorious hours of sleep, I grab my coffee and head on over to blogher. As I bounce from post to post I come across one about the mother daughter relationship and it's complications. ...more

As a mom of two daughters (quite a bit younger, but still) I get what you're saying.And I ...more