Dear Dr. Romance: Does Friends with Benefits Work?

Dear Dr. Romance:I was browsing the net and came across one of your articles "No Strings Attached Sex" which I  found very interesting as it relates to a situation I am facing currently.   ...more

Why Couples Fall out of Love

In my counseling office, I frequently deal with people who’ve heard the dread phrase, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you.” How can it happen that a couple who were once thrilled with each other can fall out of love? It seems like a mystery, but it’s not. And, it’s frequently fixable. Couples fall out of love for three main reasons: • They don’t understand the difference between infatuation and love, • They aren’t don’t understand how to grow their love for each other, and/or...more

Dr. Romance on 10 signs a guy is cheating on you

Dr. Romance writes:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I was always wrong

Dear Dr. Romance:...more


So many couples are now separated part- or full-time because of military deployment and/or work travel and schedules, I get a lot of questions about faithfulness. Your marriage vows may have said, “'til death do us part” but no one said anything about what happens when a military career or traveling job makes it necessary for you to part, and you want to maintain the closeness in your relationship....more

Dear Dr. Romance: I'm married but I love somebody else

Dear Dr. Romance I really admire how you advise people, please help me too. I'm married and I love my husband very much, but I love somebody else so much I don't know why although people say you can't love 2 people at the same time but I do. coz I love him very much and am jealous with him. He is a married man also and he loves me too.more than his wife. Please tell me what to do coz am confused.Dear Reader:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I have never put up with any crap until this one came along

Dear Dr. RomanceI met a girl about three years ago at work. We both saw a connection, but neither one of us followed up on it. We were both in relationships, she was married. Several months later she told me things weren't good at home and we had started talking. She and I became inseparable. She worked with me all of the time and we spent tons of time together. We did everything like we were a couple, best friends as well as lovers. She said I am the love of her life....more

Dr. Romance on The Right Way to Love

Dr. Romance writes:There’s a pervasive myth in our society that there is a right and a wrong way to love. However, there’s not much clarity about what the right might be. We all have difficulty with relationships and difficulty with love. Therefore, we’re liable to draw the uncomfortable conclusion: “Everyone knows how to love correctly except me.”...more

Watch Out for Bad Relationship Habits

I often write about good relationship habits, so this month, I thought I’d explore some of the bad habits I see in my counseling practice that lead to strife and struggle in relationships. Hopefully, if you recognize any of these habits in your own relationship, you’ll work together to fix them. 1) You place social media above real communication; ...more