Give Yourself a Gift

Want to give yourself a holiday gift that will last the rest of your life? Try giving yourself the gift of happiness. Research shows that happiness and satisfaction depend more on the inner person than on external circumstances. The secret to living a happy life is to get in charge of your life and what you are doing. Then you can build the life you want. As children, we are strongly influenced by the opinions of others, and what you learn in early childhood can run your life until you understand it and take control of your own ideas and decisions. ...more

Merry Christmas from Dr. Romance!

Dr. Romance wishes you Happy Holidays with a song lyric. ...more

Create Your Own Magical Holiday Romance

Recently, as we were eating in an Italian restaurant, the music being played transported me back to holidays with my Italian/American family. Traditional, sentimental Italian songs were such a large part of our gatherings for the holidays. After a huge, slow, multi-course dinner, Uncle Tommy would get up and go to the piano, and just start playing....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Our sex life has been very bad

Dear Dr. Romance...more
Ditch him. You'll find love within a person who won't lie.more

Dear Dr. Romance: how do I forget that she is married and I am single?

Dear Dr. Romance:I'm a high school assistant and I fell in love with mother of one of my students. She doesn't know anything about and has some difficulty with her son's wife. I told her I want to help you to sort out your problem, but I have no idea how to help her and how about my love how do I forget it that she ismarried and I am single.Dear Reader:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: They say I am a diamond as a man

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Letting Go Takes Love

When you feel beset in your life, and people close to you seem to be difficult and uncooperative, consider that they may be reflecting back to you the behavior your own anxiety is creating toward them. Learning to let go of your obsessively trying to control others can free you to receive the best they have to offer—which may look different from what you think you want, but actually be the perfect gift. ...more

Dear Dr. Romance: I loved her then and I love her today

Dear Dr. Romance:...more

Dear Dr. Romance: How can I let go of a toxic relationship?

Dear Dr. Romance:I wonder if you have an article that you've written that you can point me too on how to let go of a toxic relationship. I've been involved for 7 months with a man who is continually evasive, avoidant-attachment, manipulative and I need to figure out how to let this go.Dear Reader:Yes, I do.  It's a problem many people, especially women, have....more