Emptying the House

My youngest of three daughters left for college this week. Sunday, to be exact. On Social Media I’ve been a mom lamenting my “empty nest” though I have been avoiding the use of that term, because the nest isn’t empty: I’m still here and so is my husband, and our three cats....more

Out of the Couch

A few weekends ago, my husband and I attempted (and accomplished) a Herculean task: we moved one couch to the road and another up the stairs....more


An ad for a movie came on while my youngest daughter and I were watching TV last night. “That looks fun,” I said.“Yeah, too bad we can’t watch it.”“Why? It’s on demand?” I said.“It’s been whitewashed,” she said.“It’s been what?” I asked, not because I didn’t know what it meant so much as I was surprised that it was a word she used.“Whitewashed. They cast famous white actors in roles that should have been played by people of color,” she said....more

And Still I Sit

Today, for you, a love poem:How the day should gois not yet how it has.A cup of coffee consumedThree or more articles readaboutparenting, racism, tiny housesand Muslims rebuildingtraditionally Black churchesAround me is the stuffthe stuff of garage salesthat needs to be tagged andorganized and movedfrom here totherebefore it is moved fromthere to another thereAnd still I sitThe next cup of coffee a kitchen awayAnd still I sit...more

My Frisbee

Oh, I've been away from BlogHer and writing for so long. Part of that is because I've been helping my mother move from one state to another (neither of which is the state I reside in). Here's what that journey gave me:I honestly didn’t think I could do physical labor any more. Too old. Too fat. Too lupus-y. But in the last month, I have tackled things I didn’t think I could start, let alone finish. I sit here today with arms still aching from scrubbing deck furniture on Friday, but able to acknowledge my ability to get shit done....more

Open Soul

On her facebook page this morning, my friend Kari Kopnick asked “And how is it with your soul today, dear Facebook friends?”Without thinking, I wrote, my soul is open today. And before I could back out of it, my darn old soul hit “enter.”...more

Onward, if not through

I'm out on the deck in the sun and the wind, trying to find words to fit what I'm feeling right now. My facebook friends were on fire this morning....more

Poetry, like Postcards

I am back to reading Mary Oliver’s Blue Horses this morning. I didn’t finish, again. I felt like I was reading poems like I eat fine chocolates–with relish and excitement, lips smacking with understanding and delight, and then, having to push myself away, lest I stop enjoying the distinctness of each one.But here is just a teensy part of “If I Wanted a Boat”:...more
Liesl Garner Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work, too, Liesl!more


Yesterday, when the sun was high in the sky, melting all the white piles throughout the town, I did what I've been meaning to do for a month now, but just never got around to: I went to the library!...more

A sideways apology from a mid-age mom

Dear Parents of Small Children,I know. I get it. I was you. It is irritating to say the least. And right now when your hair is greasy and you have to poop but can't because someone else just did and you are doing that little dance that says I just gotta finish this one thing and then I'll ....and then I'll ......more