Dear Boston Marathon Supporters (a letter to you from the mother within me)

If the Boston Marathon means anything to you at all, I am writing this for you. Even if you only watched the race from your smart phone, computer, tablet, or television, please read this note. Even if you will never qualify for Boston, or don't even know what I mean when I say "qualify" this is for you. If you were there, whether miles away or right there at the finish line, this is especially for you. Dear Boston Marathon Supporters, ...more

Seven Things I Learned The Hard Way As A Runner

I started thinking of all the random things that I learned AFTER running a handful of marathons.  In November 2011, I wrote a list of what your mother never told you about running marathons, I had only run two of them.  Now that I have planned my sixth marathon, I have more to add.  Opting not to follow these suggestions won't kill you. But why make unnecessary trouble for yourself? ...more

You Think You Want To Do A Spartan Race? (Oh look. I left my balls at home.)

The race is coming to Calgary mid-August and I am so tempted to try it! Just to see how far I ...more

To Trail Run Or Not To Trail Run?

 Does running ever get boring?  Monotonous? Tedious?  Predictable? Treacherous? Grueling? Even if you love running, you probably said yes.  What can you do to save yourself?  Change it up. ...more
I will take trails any day over pavement :) I like the change of scenery and the solitude of  ...more

Sunburn On A Cloudy Day (NJ Marathon Race Report)

There is no better way to experience a mix humility and pride than to stand among thousands waiting for the start of a marathon.  For most of us, the competition is between self and self.  Something within us knows we can do this.  That same something has a little doubt.  That same something promises a steady strong run.  Yet that same something is already offering consolation for a nice try, promising that if desired aspirations are not met, that there will be other opportunities. ...more

Half Marathon Race Report. For My Sister.


Biggest Losers = Biggest Brats


The Problem With School Sports and Phys Ed


I Met My Husband On The Internet

Ok, I have just about heard it all so anything that is rolling around in your mind that is sarcastic, judgmental, or slightly insulting in regards to the title of this article is just fine.  And it's probably true, too....more