Finding out what works for you

In earlier posts I have stated that I was going to increase my earnings by doing surveys and working with Cha-Cha. Well I discovered that some things just don't work out as well as others. ...more

Caffeine May Help Male Fertility

According to research, in some cases caffeine can help increase male fertility. If the sperm count is low, caffeine may help increase the number of sperm. If your count is normal, caffeine may decrease the number of sperm. Most research says to abstain from caffeine while the below links says it may actually help. Other items to stay away from are smoking, recreational drugs, hot tubs, and alcohol. ...more

Food of the Week is Broccoli

I use Google for my home page and one of the widgets that I have is “The World’s Healthiest Foods”. This week broccoli is the food of the weeks. So, what is the big deal about broccoli? Broccoli originated in Italy and means cabbage sprout. In ancient Roman times it was developed from a wild cabbage. ...more