Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas

I know many nights I find myself facting a dilemma: a night where I don’t have the time or energy to cook up a crafty dinner. I used to think that I could only resolve these types of situations with fast food pit stops, take out menus, bowls of cereal, plain old pasta, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Bland, boring, and/or not the most balanced choice out there. With time, however, I have had ample practice at keeping dinner simple and quick, while still remaining healthy....more
@BlogHer Finally our new webpage!!! http://t.co/xc8UqSvn Thanks for your cheers throughout the ...more


First Monday of the New Year. I expect most of us spent today working our way back into regular routines and schedules. I hope the transition went smoothly for those heading back to work after time off....more

Body After Baby: Progress Pictures?

Baby B is coming. Relatively soon. Within the next month (more or less). That sounds soon to me. I’ve mentioned before that I have quite a few topics I want to discuss relating to how I plan to pursue getting back in shape post-pregnancy and other issues surrounding that. I would like to lay it all out there before I even begin the process. I like to have a game plan to share and which to help hold myself accountable. Plus, its fun for me to talk about fitness related topics since I can’t physically do them at the moment....more

Ridiculous Food "Rules"

Good morning! I’m about to head into another busy day, although at least this one is all fun-filled. Yesterday I had so many things to get done that I didn’t even eat dinner until 8:45 pm!  I had to tutor last night and then stop at the store on the way home. It never fails that I forget something when grocery shopping. Without question, I inhaled my food immediately upon butt contact with the kitchen chair....more

we don't need to avoid certain foods, the key is moderation and exercise.
in trying to loose ...more

A Day In The Life Of My Toddler

Hi, there! I hear you people know a lot about me....more

Feeling too much Pressure?

Before I started training for my fitness competition, I didn’t restrict at all. I was mindful of my intake and focused on eating as wholesome foods as possible, but did not count calories fanatically or deny myself of cravings. Following that approach, I managed to get into pretty dang good shape at only 9 months post-partum. I easily maintained it and felt really, really, really good here....more

30 Days of Self Love - Final Post

Day 30. Amazingly enough, we have already arrived. The time passed by in a blur, but hopefully a blur caused by a whirlwind of emotion, self-discovery, and reflection that shook up our insides to put them in at least slightly better order. I know that I grew and learned more about myself over the past month and I sincerely hope you did too....more

30 Days of Self Love - Passion

Over the years, as I grew to love myself more, I gained more insight into all life has to offer. I finally had the chance to experience life when I cared less about how much I weighed, how many calories I ate, or how I looked in the mirror.Moving my attention and focus from such trivial matters opened new doors for me. I had more mental (and physical) energy to pursue more fulfilling areas of my life....more

30 Days of Self Love - You're More Than Numbers

Our lives include so many numbers. Numbers on the scale, numbers in our bank account, number of designer clothes in our closets, number of activities we participate in, number of calories we eat or workouts we complete, number of Facebook friends, number of page views. Sometimes we fall into the trap of  allowing the numbers to define our lives and our worth....more

Pregnancy Weight Gain?

Most of you know that I have no desire to know my weight gain during this pregnancy. I don’t mind the number on the scale, but simply do not care to know it. Too many people emphasize it as the “be all end all” to determine the health of a pregnancy....more