The Martian Interview with Cast and NASA

Highlight: A Ridley Scott Film: THE MARTIAN By Tinsel & Tine Editor, Le Anne Lindsay ...more

EMPIRE RECAP - Without A Country



My mother never drove. She was satisfied with the urban substitute of public transportation and a husband willing to drive her elsewhere. I thought my mother sentenced herself to an unnecessary prison. It frustrated me that she wouldn't face a fear that I saw as easy to overcome. “Learning to Drive” helped me to understand the paralysis of this particular fear and the not-so-easy road to overcoming it......more

Mistress America

I did get to see Baumbach's latest, which hit theaters August 29th - MISTRESS AMERICA. Like "Greenberg" & "Frances Ha" this film features actress Greta Gerwig....more

Straight Outta Any Where Can Appreciate STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON

Back when N.W.A. was blowin' up, I would have been listening to Prince, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston and believe it or not, The Judds. Yet, I'd a had to been living under a rock not to be aware of Gangsta Rap and groups like N.W.A and Public Enemy, I just wasn't interested in paying them much attention. Eazy-E's (played by Jason Mitchell) death from AIDS in 1995 is a vague memory at best, and before this movie, the names DJ Ren (played by Aldis Hodge) & MC Yella (played by Neil Brown Jr.) meant nothing at all to me. I started knowing Dr....more

Ant-Man 101

I was reading about the comic book version of ANT-MAN and it seems although certainly not your household superhero, he does go back quite a ways - actually, a founding member of The Avengers.  Ant-Man's alter-ego is Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) a brilliant scientist, possibly more brilliant than Tony Stark (Iron Man) or his father, yet that seems to be in some debate. ...more

Tips for Purchasing, Eating & Enjoying Caviar for National Caviar Day 2015

 Just the mention of caviar evokes an image of grandeur. In this edition of Delicacies Decoded we turned to caviar expert Alexandre Petrossian, vice president of Petrossian Caviar, one of the largest and earliest caviar importers....more

MAGIC MIKE XXL: Interview with Stephen "tWitch" Boss

2012's Magic Mike (click for T&T post) took most of us by surprise.  Sure, Steven Soderbergh is an amazing director, but it just seemed like such a throwaway summer movie concept - well, we were wrong - it turned out to be a pretty darn good movie, Matthew McConaughey was fantastic and for those of us who didn't know Channing Tatum's background, we were amazed by his moves....more


Tinsel & Tine has a REALLY great GIVEAWAY! The BEST we've EVER had! You can win tickets to THE MARVEL EXPERIENCE coming to Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia) June 19th - July 5th....more