Got to be on a Conference Call with Jussie Smolett & Bryshere "Yazz" Gray

Before "Empire" took off into the stratosphere, Fox TV PR Department reached out to several bloggers around the country and asked them to be Blog Ambassadors of the show. I was super hyped to be chosen as one of the bloggers on Fox's radar....more

Quick Catch Up on Fox TV's EMPIRE All 4 Weeks in 4 minutes!

Here we are 4th week of "Empire" and I thought this was going to be the first week I couldn't watch at 9pm, cause I had a screening I couldn't miss, but then lucky for me they changed the screening time from 7:30pm to 6pm, so I was home with 15 minutes to spare - just enough time to make myself a cup of hot cocoa with brandy and turn on Cookie and them!...more

Director Kevin MacDonald chats with Tinsel & Tine

 By Tinsel & Tine Blog Contributor - MIKHAIL REVLOCK...more

Actor Ben Reed from American Sniper Chats with Tinsel & Tine

T&T: What's Clint Eastwood like as a director?...more

2 Great Female Roles "Still Alice" & "Cake"

I saw these two films Julianne Moore in Still Alice and Jennifer Aniston in Cake within days of each other and couldn't help but be struck by the similarities. Both women are dealing with harsh realities not of their own making....more

Does Clint Eastwood and War automatically earn an Oscar Nom?

A Revlock Review by Tinsel & Tine Blog Contributor Mikhail Revlock:...more

7 Things You Should Know About New Show on Fox EMPIRE

So twitter was really hot during Empire last night. Looks like the show is catching on.  It's an all out crazy, fun, campy, black soap opera....more

T&T Catches Up with LA Director Fernando J. Scarpa

I feel very honored that Fernando appreciated my interview with him so much that he would call to keep me updated on the progress of the project. I then asked him what else was in store for the new year? To which he responded, "Actually, since you asked, it's a perfect thing for Tinsel & Tine, as my next short film features a real life vegan celebrity chef - very Film and Food!"...more