Heartbeat, Intl. Fundraising Efforts Update

A few months ago, I shared a pretty lofty goal to donate 1,000 copies of my book, Tiny Blue Lines, to the annual Heartbeat, Intl. conference this spring. (You can read more about the project here.)...more

6 Things I Need To Be A Happier Mom

I am as guilty as any other mother to falling prey to the, “No, I’m fine,” martyr mode of motherhood. How many of us have done it? Scoffed, protested, pushed away offered help, declaring that we were fine,...more

Your Lines: The XX Mama and Student Pregnancy

Unlike the name may suggest, there’s nothing racy on this post, I assure you....more

Your Lines: Katie of Millennial Mama

Since sharing her story of her “two tiny blue lines,” Katie has also welcomed a beautiful little girl into their family. Follow Katie, a millennial mama of three, on Facebook....more

Before Baby Project: Bathroom Makeovers

Did you catch that little “before baby” title? And did you catch that our baby just turned five months and our bathrooms are still missing doors? Such is life with four children ....more

Our Christmas + Being A SAHM Is Not Natural

So our Christmas was pretty special `round these parts–woke up super excited, amidst clamoring from the older girls, snoring from the the littlest girl and when we went to wake the little man himself up– Found him head-to-toe covered in vomit....more

DIY Sharpie Coffee Mugs–They Actually Work

Who would have thunk that I would finally pull of ...more

A Day In The Life of a Stay-At-Home Mom

There are some days in my mothering career when, at long last, the day seems to be drawing to a close (but you never really know if it’s really ending, do you?) and I look around and think,...more

She Experienced–And She Inspires!

I love finding new blogs to follow and amazing women to inspire, so I’m pretty excited to introduce you guys to Sherelle Gilbert, the founder + editor of She Experienced....more