Stubborn Grass and a Stampede

We park in a warm cloud of dust, Crystal calmly, warmly greets us. ...more

‘the best skin’

“Mommy, Poppy has the best skin,” Finley said rubbing her soft, chubby arm that reached for a pencil. ...more

Happy 1 Year Family Day!

One year ago today we picked Poppy up from her orphanage. Happy one year family day! ...more

Walls of Hay

The next morning after Andrew went surfing, we drove to Mogor Badan. ...more

Abigail is Home!

Darling Abigail is home! ...more

Mexico parte uno

Recently we packed up our car, as Andrew stood tall at his accomplishment, “Take my picture babe,” That was a first. He straightened up next to the metal and wheels, some still spinning of all the bikes on the bike rack behind the now very closed car door, precarious and secure all at once. ...more

Memories without Words

Only the soft sounds of sucking his thumb next to me, otherwise it’s just black. ...more

Rainbow Nice Cream

The other day we saw a recipe for “Nice Cream” and wanted to make our own version. ...more

Bananas not Ninja Turtles

Spring! We even grew our first bananas, I am feeling very swiss family about it. ...more

Adios Mexico

“Mom, I felt the Holy Spirit the whole time. When I first got there, I thought I’d just be shy or something, but then, I’d just talk to people, I heard myself just sharing and helping. I loved the kids, they were so cute ....more