DIY Nutritious Whole Food ‘Malt’ kids will love

So at first I made these for the kids, but I poured the rest from the blender into two cups for Andrew and I. ...more

Scenes from Easter

We hosted a small get together here for Easter, just family and close friends I grew up with, smashing all our kids together for pictures. ...more

Pots and Pans

The cold cement tore the skin on my knee with its jagged, grained surface. ...more

Sumfing Rude

We were looking at baby pictures, and Elijah’s looked so sad, so we explained to him how he lived in Russia and there were no mommies in his room and lots of babies, and he hung his mouth open,...more

Gophers and Planes

Our cat has caught 6 gophers in the past week. ...more

My Oils Video

A couple months ago, I wanted to make a video for people who are audio or visual learners about Essential Oils. ...more

DIY Sushi Night

A couple years ago, when Finley was newly born, and small enough that we was mostly a sleeping accessory to our life, our small group had a sushi night where we brought all the supplies and together made sushi. ...more


Would it be weird to ask you guys to pray? If you are open to it, we want to humbly ask for your prayers that our daughter’s paperwork would be processed–that we could quickly bring her out of the orphanage and into our family. We are waiting ....more

What would you do?

It was just after BSF last Wednesday, we stopped by the park where everyone was going with their lunches to play, then we were going to meet daddy at Costco for a quick lunch of our own and get some necessities: all our food. ...more

Crying over Quesadillas

Waiting brings highs and lows, yet God, in a very intimate and tangible way has brought comfort and patience, not in the fake smiling way, but in the way that the Holy Spirit mixes in your heart to produce something that was never there prior, nothing attainable on our own. ...more