Hosting Samuel

Hosting Samuel, a boy who is too old to have the option of being adopted, but just one ...more

Essential Oils Give Away

Hello! I’ve been wanting to give away some good gift recently, I have a couple bottles of oils saved as gifts. ...more

Always Growing

Maria started a new school last week. ...more


Here’s a story: ...more

Stress Free Zone

“You won a couple items at the adoption auction.” “Awesome, what?” “Tree trimming, and some thing where you go in and make meals and bring them home to cook later…” “Oh…k…well, I cook in my own home daily, but, whatever, if it’s free, I’ll def go and check it out.” I got an email the night before I was supposed to go for my first visit, “Come in! ...more

A Christmas for a Family

It’s dark outside, black, we are sitting at a red light, rain streaming down the front window, wiggles of red curling down from the stopped light. ...more

Christmas Surprise

I read the email excitedly, “Thank you so much for coming in to our thrift store and visiting the emergency food section, I have this specific family that I think would really benefit from some help. ...more

I returns all my emails…

Recently I have been volunteering in Finley’s class ...more

A chair and a pallet

The other day at breakfast, I sat all the kids down and started telling them about how Christmas would go. As they ate, they watched me. “Christmas is not about getting ....more

Some Good News

Recently, Abigail’s parent’s received a letter. ...more