turns out…

Turns out, if you are on multiple months and months long waiting lists for your child who is struggling, who is being teased and excluded because he can’t function in the unfair school setting he is in. When it starts affecting his heart… It turns out if you call them ALL last week *WHILE*crying, I mean really just bursting into tears on their answering machines… Well guess what? All the waits are over, and they make it rain appointments ....more

Labor Day and a Trailer

My friend called me, she’s a teacher, “There’s a family…a little girl in my class, she and her mom are living out of their car....more

Poppy’s First Day of Preschool

First day of preschool for my littlest, teeny tiny....more

HIV Adoption Story: Lily

Listen as adoptive parents Matt and Heather Peterson talk about their incredible story of adopting an HIV orphan named Lily. ...more

A Family’s Story of Adopting an HIV+ Orphan

Today in our Love, Laurel week, I wanted to share one story from a mother of her and her family’s choice to adopt a child who is HIV+ from start to finish. ...more

Love, Laurel

Today I want to share the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen, while highlighting a very easily manageable special need this week. ...more

Stubborn Grass and a Stampede

We park in a warm cloud of dust, Crystal calmly, warmly greets us. ...more

‘the best skin’

“Mommy, Poppy has the best skin,” Finley said rubbing her soft, chubby arm that reached for a pencil. ...more

Happy 1 Year Family Day!

One year ago today we picked Poppy up from her orphanage. Happy one year family day! ...more

Walls of Hay

The next morning after Andrew went surfing, we drove to Mogor Badan. ...more