What Films Do You Watch When....?

Here is my latest post on watching films. I ask you all the question.Tired of Previews? ...more

Movie Review: The Words

Question: Have you ever plagiarized someone else’s work? What would make anyone do that especially if they wanted to be a writer? Beats me but The Words tried answering that question. Unfortunately, even after seeing the movie I don’t think they made their point very well....more

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man. Was the Reboot Worth It?

 Question: What was your first reaction when you heard Hollywood was rebooting Spider-Man? Honestly, I thought, “Why? It’s only been a decade since Tobey McGuire came out as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. A decade!!” And then I got really annoyed but I can’t control what Hollywood does and nor do I want to, but this seemed like a waste to me....more

Movie Review: Safety Not Guaranteed

Question: If you could go back in time, what time would you return to and why? Normally I answer, or vaguely answer, my own questions in these reviews but I’m not going to on this one. ...more

Movie Review: Puncture.

  Puncture. Starring Chris Evans. An intense drama based on actual events....more
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Remembering the past with the 1980 film, FAME

There are just certain movies that will never leave you. They make permanent imprints somewhere in your subconscious. Years, perhaps decades, go by and you think you forget about them but deep down the feelings it evoked, the emotions it would change, and the freedom it allowed you to have for a few short hours resonate somewhere off in the distance....more

Movie Review: People Like Us

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Question: Are you tired of Hollywood beating a storyline to death? Or when one studio gets the idea to do a film and miraculously another studio ends up making a film about a very similar tale. How does that seem to happen so often?...more

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

It's not often that I shy away from seeing movies but there are the times when a movie appears so over-hyped or just not something I "think" I would enjoy. When The Hunger Games came out recently, it was one film I wasn't really planning on seeing. I did not read the books, my children did not read the books and for some reason I thought it just won't be good....more

Movie Review: This Means War

Question: How would feel if a handsome British man, with a sultry accent, asked you out for a first date and wanted to meet you an Irish pub; AND then later that day you had an equally hot American man, with the sexiest blue eyes, hit on you in a DVD store while you were searching for a movie to rent? Well, I would think I had died and gone to heaven - TWICE!!...more