To be Anything at All

Still playing catch-up from my blog posts on Australia...originally posted February 22 at ...more

I Confuse My New Australian Friends by Saying "Supper"

Somehow I couldn't get into my BlogHer account for quite some time...I've now been in Australia for 4 weeks & will, over the next few days, catch up on the posts I've made on my blog:  ...more

Does God Care if I Milk the Cow?

From my site Is God with us in the middle?A review of the second chapter of George G. Hunter III's book, "The Celtic Way of Evangelism"...more

What We Lack in Materialism, We Make Up for in Crazy

Reposted from my blog, www.catchcolorjustice.comOn New Year’s Eve my family finally had Christmas. I’m back in Pennsylvania for the entire month of January. My younger sisters had decided to wait for my return before exchanging presents, so we literally walked into the house and sat down for the presents. No one would let me wrap anything – I gave out gifts in plastic grocery bags. Happily, my family lacks materialism, so nobody minded....more

A Lazy Friday Review: Are "Christianizing" and "Civilizing" the same thing?

From: Are "Christianizing" and "civilizing" the same thing?The Lazy Friday feature is back! My Fridays are no longer so lazy, and this particular book is too good to write about in just one post. It has seven short chapters, and today I'm talking about number one....more

Someone Said No Leprechauns?

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"This is Life. This is what we have been looking for!"

“After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight.”Hosea 6:2 (NKJV)Whatever situation we pray for revival in – be it our own hearts, our churches, our country, other countries, people groups – we’re really asking for one thing: the Living God. He is revival. A revival happens when, as one OMS missionary put it, we realize that Jesus is the only one who can meet every need...and we stop looking in other places....more


“In a future day there may be ways, butI must say the skieshave never looked so clear!”--Relient K...more

Baruch Atah Adonai

[At the risk of going melodramatic, if you’d like to know the inexpressible feelings of my soul while I was writing this, listen to this song as you read.]Thursday morning Abraham and Isaac – their trip of old, the sacrifice, the ram – were the last thing on my mind. The first thing on my mind was the 17 hour flight to the Philippines and how it was a mere four days away. On my way to CROSS training yesterday someone caught me in the hallway and asked to meet with me at 10:25 AM....more

The Great Country Reveal

It’s here! It’s time. The ANNOUNCEMENT. The big reveal! You already know I’m headed for Europe and in my last post, I promised to tell you when I was given 100%-amen-sure confirmation on the country I’ll be working in. Yesterday, Saturday evening, after playing days of phone tag, Joyce (my boss) and I talked. We caught each other up and then I asked that fateful question. Are we 100% sure now, on you-know-where? Yes! She said. Oh, yes!...more