Wrinkled? Does It Matter?

You bet it matters -- to the consignment store and to the potential buyer of your garment!...more

Taking Clothes to a Consignment Shop

Throw Your Old Clothes in a Trash Bag? Not if you want to get top dollar for your clothing and accessories....more

Why Consign Your Clothing and Accessories??

Cleaning out your closet? You can throw old clothes away, donate them to a charity, or take them to a consignment/resale shop. Why choose the latter?  Here are some reasons to consider. Three Great Reasons to Consign:...more

The Value of an Engagement Photo Session

Wedding photographers are not generic — they’re very much an individual “brand” you need to know and trust — before the wedding! You can look at their samples, check out their prices, their references and contact the B.B.B.  But what will they do to get to know  you before they start shooting photos at  your wedding?...more

Turn boxes of family photos into inexpensive and cool Christmas gifts

Do you have stacks of photos? Shoeboxes of photo CDs? Most stashed under a bed or in a closet? You could be using those photos right now to create terrific photo gifts for Christmas and holiday giving.     WHAT MAKES PHOTO GIFTS A GREAT IDEA? ...more

Pet Fashion Week in New York. Be There!

Girlfriends: Take your dogs to NYC and stroll 5th Avenue. NYC has become very pet friendly. Events for you and your pet, hotels and restaurants that offer Fido-Friendly accommodations, and an airline that lets your pet travel with you have all made it easier to enjoy a visit to New York City with your pooch. Ready my excerpt from an e-mail I got today from Modern Dog magazine detailing the highlights of New York’s Pet Fashion Week. And get links to pet friendly hotels, restaurants in NYC. Travels with Tish -- Pet Fashion Week in NYC. ...more

Don't Forget to Pack Your GPS!

Are you good with maps? Or do you need one of your girlfriends to navigate when you go on a trip? Are you chronically afraid of getting lost in a strange town? It doesn’t matter which of the above fits your navigation skills. I’m going to recommend you get a Garmin. I’m good with maps. I manage to navigate just fine and arrive at my destination (sooner or later) no matter where I’m traveling. But this week I discovered that a Garmin StreetPilot will now be an indispensible item in my carry-on luggage. ...more

Save the Cookie!

Did you know that one company can virtually harrass another until it agrees to sell itself to them? That's what's happening in the airline industry. SavetheCookie.comgives individuals who care an opportunity to make their opinion known about the attempted hostile takeover of Midwest Airlines by Air Tran. Visit it. Vote. Send a message. Pass the link on to someone else. tish ...more

How our Girls Night Out in SoHo (New York) Went

Five of us spent two very busy days in NYC. We particularly wanted to go to Shecky's "Girls Night Out" in SoHo. The event is a huge shopping party, with up-and-coming designers, jewelry artisans, purse designers, clothing designers, cosmetic companies and more exhibiting their wares for sale. To top it off, several liquor companies offer free wine and cocktails all evening. It was a very fun event. You can get the whole story at Travels with Tish -- Girlfriends' Getaway Guide. tish ...more