Belated Mother’s Day Adventure: The Golden Gate Bridge

My belated Mother’s Day present, in this case, was definitely better late than never!  My mom and I made plans to walk the Golden Gate Bridge by taking the ferry. I thought it was an awesome idea!...more
 @Tistypoalotamis Ah, I could go for a Margarita right about now.   :)more

My Love Letters to Food Series - Chile Verde and Hashbrowns

Hello everyone! Before you read this, I have to warn you all that there will be a series of "My Love Letters to Food" posted on here.  I have an extreme love for food, which could be my downfall, but I have to express it somehow! My boyfriend thought I was crazy for talking to my food when I enjoyed, so I decided to write letters instead. ;x This is also my way of letting people know awesome places to eat....more
 @souschef LOL! Yes, it certainly is!!   :)more

Welcome Back! Love, College

                I am breaking the ice with my first blog. Let me tell you, I’m frightened!  It’s been a long time since I made any writings public, let alone allow anyone to read or hear them....more
 @Tistypoalotamis Great!  Love the "huggles" word-creation, too!more