Roast chicken in cream sauce

 Some people say that avid foodtv watching/ foodpicturegazing can have you think/dream/imagine that you are actually tasting the dish. Is it really doing that now? I mean, the looming pixelated and blatantly shameless plug above. Be honest....more

Egg Puffs

                                        Some foods may not be totally segmented into one particular genre, culturally, or otherwise. Such is the case for the recipe presented here.  No one quite knows of it's inception, how it evolved into present day popular nosh status or even it's questionable origins. Though, it isn't categorized as authentic "Indian food", this overlap of European pastry plugged with curried filling displays a harmonious fusion of two starkly different textures and tastes, a sort of East meets West conjugation. This unique short eat/snack/appetizer (and maybe breakfast item) is known as the egg puffs and as per popular demand, possibly can be recognized as Indian....more

Sesame Brittle

When I was in college, we had a street vendor who would park himself at the entrance to our dorm quarters, usually at the onset of any given weekend. He'd greet us with a fun hello, opening a neatly stored, colorful assortment of sweets and savories. Having a Pied Piper-esque persona (maybe not to the same grave extent) and fondly called "Gundumani" this small scale seller of confections sold ready-to-eat mini versions of highly popular snacks. His business venture came from the top of his head, literally, in a treat laden- straw basket, doubly aiding as a sunshade, which he placed firmly on the crown of, yes, his head....more
We love sesame brittle in my house! We also make sure to buy some whenever we go to our local ...more

Chicken wings "65"

 I love chicken wings, fried and crispy to the bone. Often coated with the requisite buffalo sauce, on occasion swaddled in a a sweet/sour melange. Though, sometimes when I want to reach that flavor crescendo that can only satisfy mine and my family's Indian taste buds, I adapt my wings to the fine tune of the legendary Chicken 65....more