Testing Out The NewAir AF-520 Outdoor Misting Fan!

We are now entering year four of battling my daughter’s eczema. I don’t talk about it much, because it’s frustrating. But the near-constant presence of itchy skin can be unbearable for her, and it’s been a heck of ride trying to figure out what her triggers are ....more

As A Black Mother, This Is What Keeps Me Up At Night

Last Halloween, I took my kids’ trick or treating in my very much majority-white neighborhood. We were around the corner, just out of view of my house, when a police car started riding slowly down the street. I froze ....more

And So It Lives On—Simple Ways to Extend the Life of Your Printer and Ink

Printers can be an expensive investment but continually replacing the ink is where the real financial expense comes in. Here are some easy ways to increase the lifespan of your printer and toner, which in turn should help to reduce your tech frustration and save some money. Get your toner to last longer If your machine is constantly flashing “low toner”, instead of throwing it out,...more

When Your Man Says He Likes How You Look Naked, Believe Him

I hate my pudgy stomach. Two C-sections, countless cookies and cakes and brownies and too few hours engaged in cardio have left me feeling really full around my middle. I like my arms, my thighs, my shoulders, calves and even my butt, but my belly? ...more

Spill It: Would You Ask A Friend To Do Your Laundry?

by Leah Outten “I’m just going to put this out there and be honest: I am struggling in this first trimester. I’m in near tears right now because I am exhausted (taking iron does help, but now I’m not sleeping well at night nor will my body allow me to nap when Ashlyn does anymore) and nauseous off and on and just emotional. I feel like I’m back in the pit I was a year ago and it makes it really hard to be the mom I want to be ....more

#SheInspires | Michelle Jones: “On Really Tough Days I Need To Write In My Journal”

I just met Michelle recently (as in, she retweeted some of my links, I checked out her blog and instantly became a fan). She is due with her second child any day now and she also has an 11-month-old who keeps her on her toes. I love her blog, BlackZenMama, and everything it represents ....more

Why I Make My Kids Go To Bed Every Night At 7 P.M.

My aunt has lived in Texas for the majority of my life, whereas I have always lived in Ohio. This means I don’t see her much and our in-person communication is pretty much limited to holidays and special events like weddings. Once, she was in town for just a random visit and wanted to come by and see me and the kids ....more

How Do I Sustain My Life As A Blogger When My Life Bores Me To Tears?

For those who are faithful readers, you might notice the frequency of my posts have been hit or miss this summer. I’ve been dealing with my daughter’s health issues and the stress that comes with having the kids out of school, with a husband working long hours. After finally pinpointing the problem, the medicines my daughter is taking necessitates us staying close to home so it just feels like one loooong day ....more