Tackling My Emotional Eating Habits In The Quest For Better Health – #LifeIsWhy

This post is sponsored by American Heart Association, but all of the opinions and stories are my own. “Mommy, how come every time we go to the grocery store we have to stop in the bakery section?” my daughter asked me a few months ago. I stopped drooling over the chocolate fudge cupcakes and cinnamon rolls long enough for my attention to snap to her ....more

Shop Cricket Wireless This Holiday Season + A Giveaway!

This article is sponsored by Cricket Wireless. All opinions are 100% my own. I don’t know what it is about the holidays (maybe it’s all the gift-giving and get-togethers?), but without fail I start thinking about my budget and how I can save money everywhere I possibly can ....more

Three Ways Husbands Can Support Their Wife’s Transition To Natural Hair

When I was pregnant with my son seven years ago, I decided to stop getting relaxers and start rocking my natural hair texture. I had no idea what my natural hair texture was, but I remembered that the last time I wore my hair as it grew out of my scalp,...more

#TreatYoSelf: 25 Gifts Under $25 To Gift Yourself This Holiday Season

I know so many of us are running around crazy, trying to ensure everyone else has a lovely holiday season. Prepping menus and racing to stores (maybe doing a little online shopping?) — whatever it is, it’s keeping us busy. And while many of us are happy as long as our kids are happy, it’s always nice to treat yourself during the holidays ....more

How I Find Time To Bond With My Daughter Every Week

I used to fret about getting quality time with my daughter, as she is at the stage where she prefers being curled up in the corner with a good book (she is my child for sure!) versus hanging around her mom all day. Sob. She’s entering that tween stage where she is exploring who she is, who she can trust, who is in her crew, and how she wants to express herself ....more

Don’t Be Scared To Show The Real You

Last week was a difficult week on many levels. Personal challenges were coming at me left and right and at one point, I burst into tears in public, sobbing quietly on my way to the car. I went home to do what I always do — get in the bed and cry privately, hoping somehow that the tears would be cleansing enough for me to be functional by the time my kids got home from school ....more

“Mommy, She Looks Like Me!” The Dove Hair #LoveYourCurls Campaign Shows Why Representation Matters

“Mommy, that little girl looks like me,” my daughter says, excitedly, tugging my arm to get me to turn my head as we cruise down the aisle of Target. A cute black girl with a halo of tight curls is featured on the signage in the girls’ department, decked out in a brightly patterned outfit that my daughter would definitely wear. “I see,” I tell my daughter now ....more

Do You Wanna Be Happy? (The Secret Might Just Be Easier Than We Think)

Every day for the past two weeks, I’ve listened to one song on repeat: Kirk Franklin’s newest single, “Wanna Be Happy?” If you’re tired of being the same If you’re tired of things not changing It’s time for you to get out the way Don’t get stuck in how you feel Say Jesus take the wheel He knows the road that you need to take (But it only works if) If you wanna be happy (Look at yourself and say) Don’t you wanna be happy I just wanna be happy This song is SPEAKING to me because yes, I just wanna be happy. Sometimes it is just that simple. Do you wanna be happy? ...more

[GIVEAWAY] 4-Ticket Family Pack To The Great Lakes Science Center

I was provided full admission to the Science Center for my family and four full admission tickets for a giveaway to my readers, by Great Lakes Science Center. As always, all opinions are my own. As my children are growing older and their schoolwork gets a little more challenging, I feel like I’m working overtime to keep them engaged with their work and trying to find new ways to make learning fun ....more

My First Stitch Fix Box: Like “What Not To Wear” But Without The Humiliation

Back in the early 2000s, my favorite show was “What Not to Wear.” I absolutely loved watching Clinton Kelly and Stacy London ambush an unsuspecting, fashionably atrocious woman and needle her into admitting that she needed help with her style choices. They got $5,000 for a new wardrobe (although I always thought Stacy and Clinton made them buy too many high-priced items) and assistance in hair and makeup. I didn’t watch because I liked watching people get told their style was wack ....more