My First Stitch Fix Box: Like “What Not To Wear” But Without The Humiliation

Back in the early 2000s, my favorite show was “What Not to Wear.” I absolutely loved watching Clinton Kelly and Stacy London ambush an unsuspecting, fashionably atrocious woman and needle her into admitting that she needed help with her style choices. They got $5,000 for a new wardrobe (although I always thought Stacy and Clinton made them buy too many high-priced items) and assistance in hair and makeup. I didn’t watch because I liked watching people get told their style was wack ....more

Caring More About How My Body Feels Than How It Looks

This is a sponsored post by Fiber One and these opinions are 100% my own. Last year I published a piece on giving up my Netflix membership so I could sign up for a gym membership. The goal was to get active and do something about the bad habits I had settled into ....more

Are You Giving Yourself Permission To Be Happy?

My 30th birthday is a little over a month away and this weekend, I took the bold step of purchasing two plane tickets (one for me and one for my hubby) to head to New Orleans to ring in 30 properly! Some of you might not realize how huge this is. I hardly ever travel if it isn’t for work or a vacation with the kids ....more

Sisterhood + Sandwiches At The 2015 Self-Care Retreat

I am still over the moon about the recent Self-Care Retreat held last month in Alexandria, Virginia. I wake up pinching myself like, Did that really just happen?...more

When Self-Care Starts With A Bottle Of Nail Polish

At the recent self-care retreat, our Sunday speaker Mia Redrick talked to retreat attendees about the concept of “blending”—where you fit in your me-time throughout the day. It was like a light bulb went off. When you think about it, waiting until the end of the day to feed yourself sounds foolish and a direct path to failure ....more

[2015 Self-Care Retreat] Lessons On Living Boldly With Esther Boykin, LMFT

Over September 18-20, 20 women gathered in Alexandria, Virginia for a weekend of rest and relaxation at the first annual self-care retreat. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some of the biggest lessons and aha moments we all felt as we gathered in a no-judgement zone....more

The Bonds Made And Stress Released At My First National Self-Care Retreat

At the beginning of this year, I decided to lift my foot off the brake. You know how when you’re first learning to drive and you slam on the brake at completely unnecessary intervals because you’re scared and you don’t quite know how to maneuver and focus and you don’t want to crash? That was me, but with life ....more

What’s Your Superpower (And Yes, You Have One)?

For a long time, I used to feel self-conscious about how sensitive I am. I cry at the drop of a hat over good and bad news (I bawled when my husband told me his co-worker proposed to his girlfriend). When someone I know has a bad day, I will spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how I can make it better ....more

3 Big Myths About Self-Care That Are Keeping You Stressed

1) Self-Care involves spending money Do a simple Google search and most self-care tips and advice do indeed have some type of financial cost attached. But to think that taking care of yourself costs always money is to do yourself a disservice. Self-care, in its simplest definition is “care of self” and you can do that no matter how much is your bank account ....more

The Seven Rules Of Happiness According To My Seven-Year-Old Son

During one of our random “What do you want to be when you grow up?” conversations, I told my son Thomas that he would make an amazing teacher. And I fully believe it – he’s energetic and always looking for the “funner” way to do something. Kids would love him ....more